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* * * Cheating


Words and Music: Dennis

I know I know I know
Again and again and again
Here we go

I fucked up again
I think I'm fallin for an old friend
I saw and talked to her yesterday
And came to think upon the way
That relationships can stick or fall
Especially when your pressed up against the bed and the wall

I hate thinking about the bad
Brings you down and makes you sad
But this time I went too far
The words called cheating like at a bar
But I don't like to go to those
I hate using the term ho's

It's somewhat of a simple thing
Kind of fucked up just like a king
But now I feel so wrong
At the time I was feeling her thong
It brought me up
Happy enough

But as I lay in my bed
Thoughts keep flying through my head
About how we say that phrase
And over the past few days
It hasn't even mattered
My heart has recently climbed a ladder
It could be for the best
It's more than a test
It's kind of a quest
She was my first kiss
At her birthday party I didn't miss
That great smile and everything
Inspires me to smile and sing
Even though I should feel like a jerk
My conscience hasn't kicked in
It hasn't worked

So I'll think about her x10