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* * * 16 Hours Ago

16 Hours Ago

Words and Music: Dennis

When I was in your bed
And you were in my arms
Everything was great
There was no harm
16 hours have gone by
I'm not asking why
Just thinking about your sigh
When your head was on my chest
As we laid there and rest
So much breathing
So much feeling

The significance was you
I hope I don't catch the flu
Cause I woke up today and my throat hurt
Yesterday lives on
The memories aren't gone
The memories aren't gone

Watching John Belushi on tv
Looking over your eyes at me
The covers on top
I wanted it to never stop
A fun time a load off my shoulders
Hot and sweaty, the fan made me colder

My heart beats and pounds
Realizing I want you around
I think of you more and more
Whatever it is it's still softcore