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* * * Sean Dorava

Sean: drum clicks, shouts, and beats

Hey teens, I'm Sean aka "box, fly, cylinder, rice slave, shonte, bumble bee, oreo." I used to work in the rice fields and heard my friend yell out and pound on a full rice bag and can with a stick to pass the time. I liked the thought of doing that full time instead of pluckin cotton and lifting rice all day. So I ran away one night and found some shitty ass stuff in a trash can and made drums. I sucked at first but a fat punkster bum said I was ok and said we should make some shit hole band and get change. So we met up with this other serious teen and got about a 78 cents a day. So we kept it up for about 6 months and we got more popular from the bums and street punks and played a show. Then we practiced alot more and got better shit and played another show and here I am today. Yeah anyways, I listen to Bad Brains, Bob Marley, KMD, Wu-Tang, and Homegrown. I skateboard, watch movies [Mel Gibson ones] and like to say sarcastic sayings like "sorry sire" and "ok, you're not pro". I also like saying "no sit sirlocks" and "punkster". I'm single but I would like not to be (and i think i got someone in mind). Anyways, uuhhh, later.

Birthday: August 28th, 1985