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* * * Matthias

Matthias: plays bass with his fingers, and occasional harmonies

Hey teenagers, my name is Matthias, I play bass in Sorry Sire. For me, music is the only thing I ever wanted to get involved with for the rest of my life, but I was pessimistic when D asked me to join Sorry Sire, and now I don't regret that shit because things have been going good for us. Like D and Box, my musical preferences are wide.

Bands That Inspire:

(back in the day and always will be) Nirvana, (never getting sick of any song) Pink Floyd, (to make the best music such as "Kashmir" and "Stairway To Heaven") Led Zeppelin, (getting serious about yelling beautifully) Taking Back Sunday, (crusty British yelling is an art) Goober Patrol, (it's totally okay to be gothic and love someone with regrets) The Cure, (short man and acoustic guitar makes it okay to "cry") Dashboard Confessional, (dirty men in old tight clothes and really cool hair that makes it alright to be dirty and sing about beautiful women) The Ramones and any other bands I've ever gotten serious about..

Movies That Inspire:

(crazy cartoons/comic that make me think) The Maxx, (comedy that does not get old) Dumb and Dumber, (mad men in suits and ties killing police men) Resevoir Dogs, (all time favorite and features the movie "Filthy Angels" as in "Acey said you had some dough") Home Alone and countless others.

Things That Are Under Control: 6" veggie subs, making music, writing lyrics/poetry, skating and staying away from people.

Born: February 12th, '85 Washington

Quote: "I'd rather have it raining over my head all my life."

Contact: Josh