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* * * 11/08/2002: The Mason Jar
By: Anthony

After missing two Sorry Sire shows in a row, I thought to myself, "Hey! What kinda webmaster are you if you're gonna miss all of the band's shows?" So this time I made sure I had money because not only was Sorry Sire playing, so was that controversial, crustolomanical, scandalous, pro band Ripe. I had to make the show, I just had to. After getting my license, busting a Filiberto's mission, I arrived on the scene at around 5:30, when Ripe was "hanging out" around back. All of Ripe was there, especially Alex and Krista and some teens I didn't know about. They were trying to devise a plan how to get everyone for free. Shit anyways, Delicious Den busted the scene carrying a huge amp while Brett and Randaktinator [Ripe] were setting up. Sean, along with funk weasel Big Tommy C., finally got there and then last but not least was Matthias. Sorry Sire was ready for action, well until Ripe's set was over. Ripe rocked, you can read the review at their site,

I never did get the sitch on how many songs were playing but it was alot. They started off with "I'm A Gay Jock" and cruised through their setlist smoothly with songs like "The Sean Song", "What If?", "Shooting Machine Guns", [I think] "I Wanna Be In Love", and ending with "The Lost Chance". Wash Clothe mastermind, Tomato, guest sang on "Shizzle", he was flowing better than diarrhea through a loose asshole.

According to Piglet, it was one of their better shows. Matthias thought it was a middle good show [whatever that means]. No comment from Sean, never asked.

Oh yeah, Matt Marcotte told me to shut the fuck up, fuck him.