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* * * 10/05/2002: The Nile
By: Dennis

We had no clue what the fuck was going on, and then Dustin Dollin told us we we're first [the usual] and then we got in the mix, opening with "Shooting Machine Guns" and ending with "What If". After us, Ready Set Die played [band that Brett, Tommy, and Randall were in], and they had a gay fat drummer that was the lead singer that shouted lyrics 24/7, and they made comments about Randall being gay and how he owes them money. Then, some punkster band with mohawks played, they sucked.

Then, this cool band that sounded like Screeching Weasel played, they were called The Addicktives. They were awesome.

Sorry Sire hardly fucked up, and played great.

The owner gave me a massage on the neck and was drunk.

Dustin Dollin wanted to "jam" with Matthias afterwards, and Matthias, like the good kid he is, happily accepted.

Webmaster's Note: My mom thinks Andrew Reynolds is cute