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* * * 09/28/2002: The Mason Jar
By: Webmaster a.k.a. Anthony

The Sires hit the stage yet again at The Mason Jar last Friday night. Seeing as they were pumped for life because this time, they wouldn't be opening the show. However, an unidentifiable hip band decided they would be cool and cancel, leaving Sorry Sire to open the show, again.

Unlike last time, they were barely any teens from the F.H., only me, D. Schultz and some freshmen kids that like to impersonate as S.B. and ADD online were there. Sorry Sire got through their whole set of originally 13 songs but there was still room left for more. Delicious Den asked how much time they had left, no one answered so they ended up playing 2 other songs for the end.

According to Tosh Townend, oh shoot I mean D., they fucked up alot. No comment from Matthias or Sean on the sitch. I enjoyed the show alot from the comfort of The Mason Jar couch, yelling out useless phrases to the stage. This show was better than the last one a month ago. Why? It just was.

By the way, if you were wondering who was playing that night, this is the lineup as follows:

  • Officer Down [hip band that backed out at the last second so the Sires would play first]
  • Sorry Sire
  • Bomb Threat [hardcore punk band that called Sorry Sire Blink 183]
  • Fizzy Lifting Drinks [no one knows but the one guitarist held his Strat extremely high up on his chest]
  • Meat Whistle [cool show, cool music, extremely nice band members]
  • E-Bomb [fruity band that wants to be like Linkin Park and Korn at the same time]
  • Eroticide [Slipknot wanna-be's that had two goth lesbians make out and throw condoms at the audience]
  • New Mexican Erection [alright it was 12:00 at night and it was time to hit the road, so we missed them]

    Sorry Sire will be playing at The Nile on October 5, 2002, before it closes down. You better go see them, unless you're not cool enough.