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hiza pplz!! wats up?? nm here. i like to go to hollywood video and run around with frenz acting crazy n scaring ppl cuz the ppl that work there r cool and dont throw us out, unlike blockbuster. BLOCKBUSTER SUX! newayz...if u wanna get in contact wit me my e-mail addy is and my screen names on yahoo are kandi_kane711 , x_o_rocker_o_x , and skatergrlinfl ... on AIM my screen name is MetallicaChik17. I'm 13 years old and my birthday is december 25th. 1989. I'm a capricorn. woohoo. lol. newayz...l8rz!!!!! HASH(0x8794434)
You are A Friendly Flirt!

What Type of Flirt are you??
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What fuzzy creature are you?

Which monkey are you?
Another pointless diversion from Bijouriel

You are driven and optimistic. You strive to succeed in life while lightening the mood of those around you. You do well at any job you put your mind to.

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Which lj user are you?
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This has been another pointless
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Your Heart is Red

What Color is Your Heart?
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