Pants: You can't go wrong with a pair of low riders. Jeans are a must! This year jean are in. It doesn't matter if they are faded, dark or medium light. As long as they've got a cute cut and style. And nothing goes better with a nice fitted pair of low riders then a hip huggin belt. You can get some ideas from our accessories page! Denim jeans are in to. But not just any, the moss green and gray ones! DO NOT BUY BLUE DENIM JEANS! Helpful Hints -you can't just slap any pair of shoes on with any pair of pants, there is a difference! pick and choose carefully. The shoe you wear with the jeans could make or break you. -jeans with front pockets on them r "in" as long as you dont go over board. Depending on the pants, it adds a pnk style look for some, or a cute sadective look for others;) Skirts The skirts that are hot right now are: long dark blue jean ones that go to your ankles with a big buckle belt on them. Ones that go to your knees with different patched of jean all over. Maybe with an American flag on them or brand slogan. Short ones that bring out the geto booty in all of us. You where them with huge belts! and they usually have a little slip in the back. They look the best in moss green, black, and a sandy brown. Helpful tips Shoes are a must on skirts to! But you can swing it many ways. long skirts- You can wear a high heal boots, thong sandles, or cute tennis shoe. medium lengthed skirts- You can also wear this look with a high heal "whore" boots, thong sandle, or tennis shoe with the back out of it. short skirt- This one is better warn with "hooker boots"