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Yoshi and Skrapz ... Bowling for Rednecks

I've been informed that i should share a lil skatin stories that either all of us S2k members have been through or just a few so here it goes ... This one is about me and yoshi. Ya see one day we had picked him up at his house and said that we were gonna be going to the bowling alley for one of my lilbro's friends parties. Me and alex didn't like ther idea of bowlin so we skated outside in the area instead. It was awesome !!! They had two loading docks over there and i ollied off both of em and landed. Alex got the lower one but that really wasn't his thing over there. He was havin fun jus doin some flip tricks in the street and stalls on the sidewalk. We were havin an awesme time. Anyways ... we were skatin out there rummagin threw other peoples trash gettin stuff to skate on when we decided to take a break. We did for only bout 10 mins. lol, and we went rite back out but when we got out there it was kinda dark. There were too many cars in the way so we decided to go over to the skatin rink rite next door to skate. It was the same ol' thing as over there cept the road was a LOT smoother. After bout 15 mins of that some fags drove by in a car and just stopped rite in front of us. We were both a lil freaked out. But then some weird lookin fat redneck poppeed his head out from the back seat and said " Heay Bi*th ... wunna suk me Di*k ?!?!" it was funny as hell ... me and yoshi jus looked at each other and jus sed " uhhh no " and they drove off. lol ... after that we decided to go into the bowlin alley and play some pool. That didn't exactly work out. All the lil kids kept messin up our game and throwin balls in the holes. So alex stole the # 5 ball and we went bak outside to skate. It was real dark now and we were ion this dark lil alley all alone when it looked like these guys were followin us. THEY WERE ! They were some dumbass rednecks that kept askin me for my board ... this pissed me off ... so we both ran and i told em to go fuck off ... they sorta started to chase us but we were rite there in a parkin lot. We were bout to go back inside when some ugly fat chick squeezed that big roll of hers out of this car and asked if i had a problem with her bro (one of the guys followin us) i sed "yeah" and she was like well then u got a prob with me and i sed ok and we walked away and left soon after that ... lol. And thats the story of the dumbass rednecks who couldn't afford a board so they tried tyo take ours ... The End . ( lol )