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UPDATE (1/2/03): WOW SIDEKICKS ITS 03'.. way cool...well happy new year..were doing great i know its been a while since weve updated..but eh..can you blame us..weve just been hangin out w/ our know fratinizing (spelling heh) yea so we have come up w/ some new stuff and its way good...we have alot of variety you know..its all way least i think..*ron...yea..well we had some shirts made for us for my b day and they are way coo...hopefully soon we'll have our managers mass produce them then we can sell them..and make a profit then we can have good gear...then we can sound like audio karate or rufio...cause there way better than us..and we know it...but were still cooler than everyone..hehe..ok well write me some mail..i need more fan mail to keep me motivated..later guys a girlsUPDATE (12/20): FINALLY SCHOOL IS OUT!!!yes this means lots of time for practice!! w00t..yes so were no big kids we have a PA system for glenn to sing out of..yes..were almost done w/ all of our lose ends...excellent! ok...well Wheres all the fan mail? i mean seriously..what the hell...naw i dont really just might be nice..=)later..MITCH SAYS:"I DONT KNOW WHAT THE FUCK" UPDATE (12/8): the only latest news is that i meet this guy that works at a cell phone place in the mall (RON WORKS IN THE MALL W/GLENN @ CINNABON) and he said hes interested in signing us on his record label..WOW SO COOL HUH? You know i really appreciate everyones willingness to help us out..its really nice..especially because you havent herad us..though some few have...dont worry we wont let neone down...well later guys write me if you have any questions..byeUPDATE: Well sidekicks, its amazing, were doing really well. we now have almost all the equipment that we need, except Ron (he needs a new pedal and some cords...but thats about it). But other than that...were set to play our first show, oh yea, and we need some lyrics..haha..were working hard to meet our deadlines though..oh and by the way if you know of anywhere to recourd demos for kinda cheep but w/ good quality let us know...AND WERE IS ALL THE FAN MAIL??????? Unless we have no fans...hey even if you hate us...send us hate mail...shit we'll take anything we can get...thanks to our number one fans, nette, steph, and guys rock!!!..laters UPDATE(11/25/02): Hey guys just checkin in to say "sup homes". Well thanks alot to those of you who are writing fan mail....write to mitch too he wants some..his email is ...get all that......and to those of you who make baby jesus cry...SO anyways...were gonna start to update our site dayly so really try to come often to check up on us to see whats new. Well sidekicks i gotta go practice practice practice...the show will be around the corner before i know thanks again...please drop me a line at my e-mail...or even Instant Message me (my sn for aim is the same Audiokarateboy16..well almost the same) later guys ----Ron UPDATE(11/20/02):Wow...its been a long time since weve updated. to be honest its the first time weve updated..well we now have merch: stickers, and more stickers. soon enough we might have some shirts and pins!!! wow were so cool...just kiddin..well so far there has been no emil to me, what the hell? come on i mean..come on..well were doing really good we now have like 9 songs in progress. cool huh? GOOD NEWS...our first show is gonna be in January sometime..more on that later...dont worry we'll have fliers, so you best come..its free! and its a taylor hall in be cool and skip school..or just come after...cause thats when we'll be playin..hehe..well pictures for real this time are comin soon! as a matter a fact if i can figure it out..they will be on w/ this new posted sidekicks...notice we call our fans sidekicks cause were or no? well let me know via email...or anything i mean shit i want fan later MORE ON US: Lead singer: Glenn Escamillo Bass Guitar: Glenn Escamillo Rhythm Guitar: Mitchell Escamillo Lead Guitar: Ron Rentz Drummer: David The Cat Delgado Back up vocals: Ron and Mitch MANAGERS: ANNIE AND KAYLIE (AK)

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