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A Dose Of Death

Sunday, 9 November 2003

Playing: Beyonce "my love is like whoa"
ok i cant sleep i guess ill just goof off online untill i get bored and fall asleep. BORED!! i think i might run away and never come back. i dont know where id go but i want to be anywhere but here. i mean i hate it here and i just want to get away and be somewhere else. i hate it. everything just moves c0onstantly. things would go on no matter what. its not like it would matter if i wasnt here. no one would really care of notice. i dont know what im going to do but i know that i have to get away soon or else im going to totaly lose it and if i lose it then thats not going to be a good thing. i think things might get better. ok my muzic is bugging me so im going to go change it.

Posted by punk4/rebelqueen01 at 11:54 AM MST
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Playing: Disturbed "the sickness"

i feel like im sick but not a body sick. its like a head sickness and its really confusing me. i dont know how to make myself feel normal again. i hate feeling this way. my life is a living hell and i dont think i can take much more. lolz! imagine that miss fix everything cant take it. life sux. im gunna go to bed. its early but ill go take a nap or something. im tired havent slept in 4 days. need sleep. ok im gunna go nap.

Posted by punk4/rebelqueen01 at 11:49 AM MST
Updated: Sunday, 9 November 2003 11:55 AM MST
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