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**~bAm'S pLaCe~**

Hiya there little people...

Hello, and welcome to my personal webpage. I am bAm! You can call me that, Riot Girl, or Randi.

Anyways, this is my personal site. If you gain anything from this, congradulations. This is really for my personal benefit, and for people who need pictures of awesome bands. Like Good Charlotte. They rule! So take a look at the Gallery! Or my wicked little stories!

The Gallery

My Wicked Lil' Stories

All About Bam!

So look around...if you dare...

And take this quiz if you know who I am...

The Blunt Truth for Randi

My favourite things in the whole world!

Some of my most frequented sites...

Good Charlotte's site
Simple Plan's site
Sum 41's site
Blink 182's site
My poems...Yea, I'm a poet.