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Welcome to NPPOC! A website inspired by Psycho, an orange cat that roams the neighborhood and wreaks havok on all that get near it. But why should I limit myself to Psycho. There are plenty of crazy things out there swimming around on this thing we call the internet ready to bite if i get anywhere near it. So, if I find anything interesting on the internet, i'll post it here. Or if I feel like rambling. I'll post it here...or if I feel like making some crazy game of some sort....why not post it here. If you are looking to kill your time and maybe get rid of a little bit of boredom come on over here and hang out at my place.

Lookin to get a lil more personal with this ghost of an owner known as the illusive "KAYSEA". Cool, no problem.....Click Here

Uhm.... Oh yea. Here is a link to my Wife Stephy's site go check out her will hear more from me about her *evil smile* trust me }-D

I Support The Raging Cow Boycott
'Purrfect Site' Award

Sorry Mary! I had it done i was just oo lazy to put it usual lol! Heres your flamingo Page. Its not much now but if you and a few others submit stuff it could be big! ;-)

Look its Tiki!

Hey all, ive been workin just been too lazy to write about it here :-P. Check out Macavity:The Mystery Cat Yea its an awesome poem and I thought it went with the theme of my site...even though i dont follow my site theme lol. Yea! my b-day is sunday Dec. 7th :-P 15 perfect crazyness!