JANUARY 27 2011 -
So we're on to another year for Horrible Idea, and the rest of humanity. December 3rd saw the mighty release of our second album "All in the Climbing" at the Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta. That was a great show, and if you missed it, you need to do a make-up show to get credit. We've now got Clay on bass. This is Clay of Convix of Society (COS), and Loose Skrews fame. He's been cooking up some new riffs, writing songs, and just being a great guy to be around. The creative juices are once again flowing, and we've already got three new songs in the works. Sure, most of us will be 30 by the time we release our next album, but you've got to get with the times; thirty is the new twenty. At least that's what some man said to me outside a gas station tonight before asking me for a dollar.

If you're slow on the uptake, here are a few links you may enjoy:

Purchase and download our new album in digital format, or you can get the physical CD with artwork and fancy shrink-wrapping; all at this amazing site:

View our merchandise page, where you can get shirts and stuff:

View the website of Wizkid Sound where we recorded our new album:

If you are reading this, know that you are indeed a valued friend of Horrible Idea. We create music primarily for ourselves, but we record and perform that music because we love sharing our love with all of you. Thanks for being there for us. Some of you for half a decade, other for just a short time. We'd like to thank each and every one of you, and we will in time. Give the album a listen, let us know what you like. We'd love some feedback.

Until next time.

Horrible Idea

FEBRUARY 16 2010 -
Well it's on to another year for Horrible Idea. A new decade, and new songs. We're 15 songs into recording an album that has taken quite a lot longer than expected to create. This is mostly due to laziness on the band's part, and we apologize to that one person way over in North Dakota who is anxiously awaiting our second album.

The songs really are turning out amazing. Rob and Dan at Wizkid Sound have done a ton of great work for us and the sound is great! Check out our Myspace page to hear some of them. Note that they are only the rough mixes right now, but they still sound much better than our old album.

We've also started a Facebook page for all of you book face people out there. We'll always update all of these sites with news and new show listings.

Speaking of shows, we're in the process of booking some around Atlanta at this very moment. Keep checking this site, Myspace, and Facebook for listings. Awesome shows, and awesome new music is coming your way... If you live in Atlanta. The rest of you are stuck with Owl City, which is of course that magical land where all of the Owls go when they're not being CGI'd into Harry Potter films. When was the last time you actually saw an Owl? They're all being sucked into a synth-riddled universe of auto-tuned insanity I tell you!

I think I may have crossed far over into the neighboring city of Digression, so I'll finish up. We're going to be a lot more active in (your city)'s music scene. We of course mean Atlanta, as all others will be busy searching for Owls. And I will note that when I began this post, I had no idea I would be typing "Owl" so much. These things happen.

So, to recap: New album status - coming very soon, Shows - coming very, very, soon, Owl City - mythological place blah blah blah... SAN DIMAS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL RULES! And of course, so does Horrible Idea.

Kevin Idea,
Mayor of Owl City









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