Do you play the bass? Do you strive to better yourself on your instrument all the time? Is music a major driving passion in your live?

I'll cut the bullshit. If you live around the area (we live in Braselton), and want to play bass in our band, we'd love to give you a chance. We play in the key of punk rock and encompass metal, ska, reggae, and even jam occasionally. We are melodic, progressive, energetic, and intense. Here is an abridged version of what we are looking for in a band member:

- you have to be able to move anywhere in the known world at the drop of a hat (anywhere that is decidedly more beneficial to the band).

- you must be a musician who really has a passion for music and his/her instrument.

- we'd prefer someone who likes punk and metal bands, but doesn't really consider themselves "punk rock". We live by a code of ethics, morals, and standards that may fit some of what is called "punk rock", but many "punk rock" kids can go fuck themselves. We're talking about the ignorant, angry, and violent kids.

- no ignorant, angry, or violent kids.

- We also strive to be a band that is non-violent, non-racist, and non-sexist. We believe in educated opinions, not just spouting shit that froths to the surface of your conscious.

- you can do drugs, but if they control your life in ANY way, it will not work.

- No bigots. As long as you're not hurting yourself or others, we can tolerate most opinions. We just expect the same in return.

- Also, we're not just into punk and metal, we enjoy listening to and playing all types of music.

- We'd also prefer a musician who is not married or in a family situation that would limit their commitment to the band. This is just to ensure that you will be able to tour and practice.

- If you don't know much about the business of independant music (ie. booking shows, promotions, distro, radio, pressing, etc) we'll be happy to share our vast knowledge (it should take 15 minutes) with you. That said, we expect you to work for the band as much as we do. We split up a pie for workload, money, and all expenses. It's only fair.

- It is more important that you fit the psychological portion of this than be really great at your instrument. We just want a dedicated musician who is also a great human being and a future friend. Now come jam with us! We're not as intimidating as this thing sounds, we're really nice guys... at least we think so.

Kevin + Sean