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Primitives Jewellery

Primitives Jewellery

Jewellery for piercing and general adornment

We stock a range of jewellery inspired by primitive and tribal designs.
Exotic and natural materials include buffalo horn, antler from roe deer, red deer (stag) and muntjac,and also cow horn.
Woods include native species such as hawthorn, oak, yew, beech and more exotic species such as mahogany and teak.
Whether you require something different for your earrings, a pendant, a bracelet or a whole range of piercing jewellery including ear stretching pieces, just contact us, leaving a name and address, for a colour catalogue.
All pieces are hand made to order, after selecting your design you choose materials and size.

DISCLAIMER: Due to the nature of the materials used and coupled with the fact all pieces are individually handmade, slight differences in colour and texture may occur.