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Hi, Im Matt. I play guitar and sing for pen-15. I was born in Youngstown, Ohio. When I was seven I moved to California and picked up skateboarding and punk-rock music. When I was 10 I moved to Marion, Indiana, where I live at the time being. When I moved here I begged my parents to let me play the guitar, but they said I had to take 2 years of Piano Lessons. Screw that! I wanted to play guitar. So, after a year of begging they let me take lessons. Now all I do is play guitar. On June 15, 2001 pen-15 was started in the back room of my house with 2 ten watt amps, a guitar and a bass. The person with the bass of course, is the bass player for pen-15. We finally received a drummer when school started. His name was Kyren Monterio. We played for a year with him and he flunked out of school so we kicked him out and searched for a new drummer. the new drummer we found is Tyler Kelly. His drumming has made pen-15 sound a lot better. Right now we are in the process of recording a demo CD at a local studio. We think the name will be, The Edge of Eternity. The name comes from a song I wrote. Its a good song. We write all our own music, and we work very, very hard at it. Oh, and I would like to thank Lucifer for making this site. She knows who she is Matt = )