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This the "Me" page. And I'm sure u've been dying to know who the wonderful, marvilous creater of this website is, the one who's life is soooo interesting and you have been reading about for sooo long.....well, enough about me-wait!, this is the me page!! okay, well lets get started!


Well, My name is Sam, I am in grade 7(Middle School), I'm 12 years old. As you already know I play the Electric Bass Guitar. Me and my friend hollie are starting a Punk Rock band, It will be sooo fun! I have short brown hair, Green eyes, and ma style: punkish, but i love wearin pj's to school LOL. What I like to do is sk8board, snowboard (ma fav), play my Electric Bass (music), and parasailin, of course parasailin isn't sumthing I do all the time but it was fun when i did it! 200 feet up in the air off the back of a speeding boat, it's soooo fun! One of my favourite games is Truth or Dare! My favourite channel is Much Music, and my favourite show is Power Shift. And the Brendan Lenard Show on Family Channel. My favourite bands are Simple Plan, Good charlotte, Sum41, Linkin Park, Blink 182 and Three Days Grace. My boyfriend is Gage Lowery and my best friend is Ali.

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