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This is my favourite page, the is the Band+Bass page.

In case if yur wondering why i have a Band+Bass page it's because I play the Electric Bass ( pictures above) and well the Band part of the Band+Bass is; me and my friend are starting a Punk Rock band, she plays the Electric Guitar, well, she wants to atleast, I keep tellin her to do Vocals, shes pretty good and as you might have read already, we are also looking for members. So if you think you are into Punk Rock and play eather electric guitar, drums or do vocals, e-mail me at Also if you sound interested but don't play, you have a year to learn! So start your lessons!! and fur some ideas of where to go fur lessons, I go to Heart Beat Music School and there is many other places, just look in the phone book!

There will be pictures of me and my bass soon, and also wait for pics of the band (next year).



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