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"The Third Demo"

Updated by: Jack

Well, I'm guessing you found the hidden dirty secret within the bowels of the No Way Punk website. Either that or Mors gave you the address.

Anywho welcome, I am Jack Oph (on the left is my senior class picture) and I assume you came here to check out our demo. Unfortunately we have stopped distributing copies of our demo due to insufficient funds and the fact that we will be recording a new collection of material soon. But you can download songs off of our June demo from here. The only difference this set of songs have from their CD versions is the fact that they have been rebuilt and reconstructed by moi. So pretty much you're getting new versions of most of the songs. Go ahead and have a blast, just be sure to send us any comments and thoughts at our email address:

I Hate Authority

Umm... sorry but the rest are in the media section. We ran out of storage space for the rest of the songs.