hey hey hey...and WELCOME!!!

what's working:email, links, aim, design, livejournal, diary.


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me: p0etry.

loves: Christina, reading, penguins, turtles, good charlotte, cheesecake, brownies, the used, the all american rejects, weezer, coldplay, afi, deftones, audioslave, jason mraz, the beatles, pink floyd, led zeppelin, the ataris, vh1, the disney channel:), rufio, relient k, dropkick murphys, mest, rancid, yellowcard, taking back sunday, me first & the gimme gimmes, the mighty mighty bosstones, damone, dashboard confessional, pennywise, less than jake, authority zero, riddlin kids, alkaline trio, american hi-fi, bowling for soup, chevelle, metallica, nirvana, SOAD, the clash, the electrocutes(now the donnas, but were much better as the electrocutes), finch, flogging molly, the get up kids, green day, the vines, the hives, hoobastank, iggy pop, incubus, jane's addiction, the foo fighters, jimmy eat world, mxpx, nofx, ok go, the ramones, reel big fish, sublime, wakefield, the white stripes.

hates: mean people, alarm clocks, sunburns, splinters, shots, liars, bad boyfriends, justin timberlake, pop, avril lavigne, britney spears.

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