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Foreign DNA News
February 27, 2005
Hey everyone. We came in 3rd in the final round of the Rawk Final Four. The show was tons of fun though, the crowd was awsome! That was one of the best pits i have seen, lots of crowd surfers and everythings, Thanks Jeff. Thanks to everyone who came and voted for us, and who got the crowd going. We gave out a bunch more stickers, and demo CD's, and we tried not to hit anyone in the head with them this time. We got some good video footage too. We will add some to our dvd before we release it, and put a song or two online for you to watch. Be sure to sign up for the foreign dna newsletter at the bottom of the page for updates on shows, and merch, etc. And be sure to post on our FORUMLater.

January 30, 2005
Hey Everyone. WE WON OUR ROUND OF THE RAWK FINAL FOUR. We never expected to win. We want to thank everyone who came out to support us. It was a great show and we had a ton of fun. We played some new songs too. There were a lot of people at the show too (we think between 350 and 450). Now is when we really need support though. We will be in the Final Four Round on Saturday, feb. 26 @ Fat Tuesdays. We arent sure about what time, and how much it is, but after next week we will probably have tickets. If we can win again we get to record a new CD in seattle. Then you can hear all of our new songs on CD. We will post pictures from the RAWK show soon, and keep you posted on the final round. Thanks again.

January 7, 2005
Hey Everyone. The Rawk Final Four is only 3 weeks away. If you don't know it is on January 29 at Fat Tuesday's in Spokane. It starts at 6:00 p.m. and we play first. We need as many people to come to this show as possible because the winner is determined by crowd votes. A newly recorded version of Amnesia is on the Rawk Final Four 2005 compilation CD available at the show.Tickets are $7 from us or $10 at the door. If you want tickets just email us at and we will make arrangements to get them to you. Directions to Fat Tuesday's are HERE We have been making some new songs that you can hear at this show. The Foreign DNA DVD is coming along good, we hope to have it finished by the Rawk Final Four. We will have stickers in a few days too. Be sure to go to our forum to chat. We have desktop backgrounds that you can download on our MEDIApage. later.

December 14, 2004
Whats up everyone! We have been doing some updates on the site. The new picture pages will be up soon, they will be pictures that are newer than the 2 year old ones we have up now. We also have a new forum, it is a lot more user-friendly, and a lot more people post on it. We have a couple concerts being scheduled in january/february so keep checking back for updates. We have also been looking through old video footage, pictures, fliers, etc. to make a Foreign DNA DVD. We are hoping to have it available by January. If you arent on the Foreign DNA newsletter just email us at and we will add you.We wish everyone a merry chrismahanakwanzika. later.

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