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Foreign DNA News
June 3, 2004
Hey everyone, school is almost over. Post Falls days is tomorrow, June 4 from 7:30 - 8:30 p.m. at Q'emiln park (post falls beach) there will be a carnival, food, and booths. We are playing at the stage we played at last year, which is on the western side of the park, near some bathrooms. So you should all come, we will be giving out demos, and best of all NEW SONGS!!!! along with your old favorites. we hope to see you all there, and if you have any questions email us at bye.

May 4, 2004
W0W. Bloomsday was fun, especially since it was like playing for 40,000 people. We played for about 3 1/2 hours wich was very tiring. It was fun seing people we knew and people we didn't. There were people dressed up as the blues brothers, spongebob, and gorilla's. If you ran the race you can vote for us as best entertainment HERE. we hope to see a lot of people at Post Falls days, bye.

April 21, 2004
The talent show at Post Falls High School was great!! We placed second and won $50. All the other acts were great too. Thanks to everyone who came. If anyone took a picture of us at the show, could you please email it to us at By Friday or Saturday we will know where on the bloomsday course we are playing. Someone please post on the forum too, its getting kind of boring. Keep checking back. bye..

April 16, 2004
The show at The Detour last night was great! DearJane, Careen, and Watashi wa were awsome too. We played a lot of songs because Careen wasnt there yet, so that was fun. We are lining up lots of shows for the next 3 months. We are playing at Bloomsday along the course, but we dont know exactly where yet. We are playing at Post Falls Days, but we dont know for sure when, but it will be very fun! We are playiing a song or 2 at the Post Falls High School talent show on Wed. April 21 @ 6:30. We are also going to try and get a show in wallace this summer. Our CD's and shirts will be available at all of these shows, and as soon as we know all of the details we will post them on our shows page and probalby send out emails. If you arent on our email list contact us at Keep checking back for updates. bye.

April 4, 2004
We have another show!!! Its at the detour on April 15th at 8:00 p.m. with 2 bands on tour: Watashi WA (Tooth and Nail Records) and Careen from Portland OR. The other band is DearJane from Spokane. The Detour is at 175 S Monroe st. in Spokane. Click HERE for directions. All Ages, admission is $5 at the door. We are also lining up several other shows over the next few months, so check back often to see updates. We hope to see a lot of you at the show. bye.

March 26, 2004
Wow!!!!We won third place at BOBfest at Lake City High School, and the prize was $250. All the bands there were great too. The bands were: Missing Camile, Dan Bullard and His All Girl Orchestra, The Lousys, Q The Expionage, Out of the Depths, Dumbstruck, Intermission, And us. First place went to "Intermission", and second was "dan bullard and his all girl orchestra". We want to thank all of the people who came to see us too. We are trying out for the PFHS talent show on April 12. Visit often for updates. bye.

March 20, 2004
We have another show!!!! We are playing at the battle of the bands at lake city high school on friday, march 26. It starts at 6:00 P.M. and costs $5.00 to get in. There will be 6 other bands, including one other band from Post Falls. Please come and support us. bye.

February 24, 2004
The new site is up and we hope you enjoy it. It will work by going to or The new site is much easier to use, and wont have as many problems. Info on new shows will be posted in the box above this, as well as on our shows page. You can get to the pic of the month page from the link at the bottom. You can vote for your favorite songs on both our cd's by clicking the picture of the CD to the right. The forum is still the same as our last site, post there as often as you want. To get on our email list, ask a question, or whatever, click the link at the top of this page or email . Let us know what you think, if you have suggestions, or notice something wrong. Enjoy. bye.

January 31, 2004
We played at a suprise 16th birthday party yesterday for Justine Clary. It was cool and everybody had a lot of fun. bye.

January 18, 2004
The Show at the Detour was great. We played 10 songs and all of you who came to see us were also great. Jeff as usual was crazy, jumping off of things and moshing, he might have broken the lead singer from Linus' nose but were not sure. Linus, The Fedarales, The dead ones, and someone else also played there. Keep coming to the site for updates on new events, there will also be a new Foreign DNA site in the near future but we dont know when it will be done. bye.

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