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Foreign DNA in the News
January 24, 2003
Whats Happening section of the Post Falls and Coeur d' Alene Press

If Foreiogn DNA doesn't make it big time, it wont be because of the lack of effort. The punk rock band made up of Post Falls High School students recently recorded its first CD, "Overlooked," and is working on a deal with the Silver Lake Mall in Coeur d' Alene to schedule two free concerts on Feb. 1. The band, which practices every weekend of members Paul and Seth Hyde's home, has sold more than 200 of the 300 CD's it had made. "we just bought microphones and amplifiers , so were still getting used to that," warned Seth before a recent jam session. Other members are guitarists Mark Watson and Matt Routh, both freshmen. Paul a junior, is the drummer and Seth a freshman, is bass blayer. Routh, Watson and Seth Hyde take turns singing. Away from the stage, the group is mild-mannered, yet enthusiastic about its music. Then they perform-like punk rock bands should-loud, fast and jusping for joy. The sound coulld seemingly help skatebouarders reach new heights. "They hhave fun," said Susan Hyde, Paul and Seth's mom. "they're off the streets and trying to keep things in perspective." Routh, Watson and Seth Hyde wrote the lyrics to each of the six songs on Overlooked. They're about random thoughts the writers are having that particular day. The style of music fits the genre of bands like Blink 182. The music has grown on Susan, who hears it loud and clear from upstairs. "I play the CD almost everyday and, surprisingly, don't get tired of it," she said. "It still does something for you. They try to play from their heart." Susan said she hasn't been alone in her positive response to the music. "They've gotten quite a few e-mails that said they're really good,: she said. "Most of the kids like them as far as we know." Susan is encouraging the group to reach out to more adults. "I tell them tat if they want to spread out to adults, they dneed critiquing from adults," she said. The band spent a day and a half at College Road Recording in November in Spokane. Mike Hermanson, owner of the studio, said it's obvious the group is excited about the venture. "it's one of the youngest bands I've had," Hermanson said. "I think I had some eighth-graders once. Most people record when they're juniors and seniors." He said recording at a young age indicates Foreign DNA is serious about its music, and wants to improve. "You can always pick apart a recording," Hermanson said. "It's a real step in becoming a better musician, songwriter and band." Susan said now that the band is known at the high school, the next step is to reach out into the community and perform promotional shows. The band also recently sent a promotional CD to Interpunk Direct, a radio station in Virginia. "They've got some concerts lined up for summer; they just need to work on the winter months," Susan said. The band formed last September after Routh and Watson were in search of a drummer and bass player. The Hydes, who split from a hard rock band, fit the bill perfectly. They also prefer the punk-rock style better. "It was connection," said seth, moving his hands together. Watson added: "there's a lot of guitarists and bass players, but everyone needs a drummer." The group hopes to record another CD, possibly with 12 songs, by June. It's also toying with making shirts to sell.


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