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Overlooked Tracks:

1. LOST TOMMORROW - written by: Mark Watson ~ Everything's new but it gets old tomorrow, It always has to come, but it will leave with sorrow, The weekend is always just a distant dream, The same thing over and over it will always seem. Monday was everlasting, until it was over, The day went so slow but I felt even lower, You never knew what would come, Until the day was done. I never took my time, I never had control, I took it all for granted, It's locked away in my soul, It was time. When it finally comes you hope it lasts forever, But those five days you just couldn't endeavor. You have fun for five minutes until it's gone for good, It doesn't last long even though it should. You did so many things but there was still so much time, But when you really need it there's the end of the line. You waited for it to just be over again, Then you had to see it all end.

2. ALWAYS - written by: Matt Routh ~ It's just another morning, It's just another day, to wake unhappy cause' you made me that way. I want this to be over, as it's just begun, where the problems are, I always seem to run. It's always something I said, something I did, something that can't be fixed by me. Something you crave, something you want, something that I can't give to you. It's all because of you. The reasons are repeating, the ones for me to go, soon this will be over, but it may go by to slow, it's hurtful days like this, when everything goes wrong, somehow I knew this probably wouldn't last long.

3. GONE FOREVER - written by: Mark Watson ~ While we sit in this room, I think of all the things you did to me. After you see me today, I won't ever be the same, because you trapped me so I never could escape. I'm gonna bring you down, I'm gonna write the story, of how you treated me. I'm gonna turn away gonna forget it all, I'm gonna walk this lonely road home. If you show your face again, I won't even bother talking. I don't want to be in your life no more, I'll push you right back out the door. Now you realize how much you needed me.

4. THE WAY - written by: Paul Hyde/Seth Hyde/Stacy Gummert ~ I know this isn't easy, why should I be afraid, I'm not afraid of evil but I know it's being made. Frustrated and confused, the truth's a question to me. Just look at the world around you, that's what I've come to see. The way I'll talk, The way I'll go, The way I'll walk, the way it shows. Which way will I go? Let's go! Have you ever felt dazed or ever been out numbered, just like when you were there, outside in the thunder. As the story goes by, it doesn't seem to end. Just look at the world around you, it's not wrong to lend a hand. Don't know which way to turn, You have to speak out, He has the answers, even when you're in doubt. You know which way I'll go, I know which way I'll go.

5. A THOUSAND YEARS - written by: Seth Hyde ~ As I wake up this morning, I pull the sheets off my head. I'm feeling so tired, So tired, like feeling dead. The bright lights are off then on. These people are no fun. I must get away from them. Gonna have to run. I hop into my ride. It's gonna take me somewhere. I hope it won't be boring. But I guess who really cares? This day it won't go by. It's so rough and unsmooth. I see people sleeping, I guess I'll have to move, Away from here, This place is so dull, Don't shed a tear. Every single day, Have no fear. There's no doubt in my mind, The truth is near. It'll be over in time, Just a thousand more years. I feel so sore. My muscles are starting to ache. My pain, it will be over, At the end of this race, Every day after school, I can run a thousand miles. This feels, so good, It just makes me, want to ride.

6. WHAT TO SAY - written by: Seth Hyde/Matt Routh ~ When I daydream it's you sitting there, Combing those fingers through your precious hair. You light up with those sparkly blue eyes, It makes me sad when you say goodbye. I'll be there for any reason at all, When you need someone who listens to call. I'll be there day and night, And all I know is that this just feels right. Gone again, and I can't seem to get you out of my head, Gone away, and I can't figure out just what to say. Every time I write it's all about you, Anything you have to say or do. I never want you to go away, This should be the place for you to stay. I'll never leave you trailing behind, Your one in a million chance to find. I'll stay by you till the end of time, On you I'll spend every single last dime.

A Place In The Crowd Tracks:

VANWARD - written by: Seth Hyde ~ Words canít describe you Iíve already tried to And I know it doesnít work. Iím gonna be honest I really like it But I donít want to let you know and You donít seem to care And thatís what I fear And you have a smile That makes them go wild Go wild They donít know you And they donít know me And thatís all they see You might talk to them And they think youíre a gem But they donít know better You donít seem to care And thatís what I fear And you have a smile That makes them go wild Go wild ya! ya! ya! ya! You donít seem to care And thatís what I fear And you have a smile That makes them go wild Go wild

AMNESIA - written by: Mark Watson ~ Nothing seems good enough to take my time to do I bring up stupid things and try to say theyíre new I try but canít ignore the details in my mind It tears me to pieces and is a fact I canít deny I canít deny I canít deny I canít deny I canít deny You donít believe me when I say Itís the wrong thing I canít see why you hate me I wonít ever forget this You were wrong Iíve tried so many times to tell you what I think You donít understand but I can explain it in my head The hard part is knowing itís the only way to go I just have to keep it and maybe someday it will show.

CONTEMPLATING THIS - written by: Paul Hyde ~ I stay awake, To think about, The next time Iíll see you, I wannaí be, Sitting closely, Right there next to you, I wonder why, I get to have, All of this, As the day goes on without you Youíre something I miss. If itís all right with you, Iíll come too. I say to him, Thank you for, The gift that you gave me. I think about all the lives, That she's seen. Apart from you, The others ask me What are you going to do? I just tell them I donít know And then I ask you. If itís all right with you, Iíll come too. If itís all right with you, Iíll come too.

RITALIN AND HOT MILK - written by: Mark Watson ~ Itís not so bad to believe The worlds not perfect so are we So much trust itís sickening Why donít we notice cheating? It could mean the difference Between everything we know Why donít we show distrust? They could be misleading anyone of us They would be nothing without us There will be a rising of us The only one to stop them is us What joke will they tell us next? Such obvious lies go unchecked We wont be easily takenAfter excuses youíve been making The truth wonít cause any panic Those theories are full of havoc When will the facts be seen?

THE WINNER THAT LOST - written by: Seth Hyde ~ Is it true? Feeling like you, Donít know what to do. Wasting all your time. You win but you lose, You win but you lose. Jump!!! You ask me, what Iíll wear. Just look at me, I donít care. You need things, and want things. You donít agree with me. You donít agree with me. In your head, youíre so fine. But in the end, you waste time. Time for, better things. The better things that life bring. You like all, all the things I donít Youíll try all, all the things I wonít Decisions you make, that I wonít choose Wonít get you anywhere, youíll win but youíll lose.

THE SKA SONG - written by: Mark Watson ~ I wonder whatís next nearly every day And itís always the same things that come my way I worry about everything more than I should But never act when I have the time thatís good It seems like so many things need done And I stay instead of having fun But when I realize I canít do it today I just feel like nothing goes my way 25 days till we 25 days not free 25 days are planned I donít want it to be the end 25 days till we 25 days not free 25 days full of things I donít want what 25 will bring I canít get myself to do anything After so many hours bored it brings When I decide to wait its so easy Then I make a promise I cant keep There isnít much time left today So I just assume itís not my day With so little time for much to do I only wanted something new

OFF TEMPO - written by: Matt Routh ~ Ya! 1,2ÖLetís do it! We donít care what you say about us As long as it is true and not just a lie And we donít care what you think about us Because weíre different but we still ask (Why) WHY! Do you care what we look like? (Why) Why do you care what rules we live by Because itís not your life so get over it Just give up Ďcause weíre not going to quit Music today is not the same as it was As of today itís a tool that we use to get by You think itís weird but thatís what it really does So just sit down and ask yourself.

ANOTHER DAY - written by: Seth Hyde ~ Another day again Hello to you my friend Someday you will win Where I leave off, you begin You open your eyes To see all their lies But to my surprise You hear all their cries When we talked again I just want you to know It wonít be all right once you go. When we talked again I just want you to know It wonít be all right once you go. When you go that way Itís just another day Thatís what you would say But not for meeeeeaaaaaay! ya ya When we talked again I just want you to know It wonít be all right once you go. When we talked again I just want you to knowIt wonít be all right once you go.

THE WORLD GOT WASTED - written by: Mark Watson ~ No one knows why The world gets wasted as I walk by It hurts to see them falling You would hate to know the feeling I canít see a difference The corruption drives them to the brink The greed that they wonít stop It just makes everyone pop The world gets wasted And I canít face it You think that everythingís perfect But the lies always hide it Why can one personís denial Change millions opinions without a thought They donít think anyoneís lying Thereís so much trust itís not worth trying No one will give into the fact The government has so many flaws What makes it so hard to believe That higher powers would deceive

PROVOKED - written by: Matt Routh ~ When I was young you knew that I liked you When all was done I know that you did too But now itís gone and I canít stand it You were wrong but you wouldnít admit it And now were here I stand taller than you Your full of fear and I see it inside you I see you run thatís all that you ever didÖ I never came first I always end up last You try to make up for whatís done in the past Why wont you admit that you were wrong It would save me the trouble of this song For every right, thereís ten more wrongs with you With you With you Now Iím bigger than youíll ever be Donít you wish that you were good to me All those times you put me down Now I am strong and you are weak I can talk when you canít speak Or even make the smallest bit of sound.

DECEMBER FREAK - written by: Mark Watson ~ Everything goes by and no one cares to tell what happened last. The next thing comes and we forget what we did in the past. I remember when everybody hated me for what I did. Itís old and over and doesnít matter now just what I hid. Itís not all said and done. After those three short months. We canít just forget this and simply carry on. But we have so little time. And nothing helping it. This is the only thing that works. Donít know whatís next but I really donít care anyway. Donít know what peopleíd say if this stuff happened once a day. We could party on with no avenger to come stop us now. Lay around all day until itís dark again and they ask now.

JOY SEARCH - written by: Paul Hyde ~ We look for joy in different means my God, Iíll pray for other teens Cause in, their solitude, when itís done, They have dissatisfaction. Pursuing things that make you feel good Standing there like the things you did, couldÖ Give you, a feeling of joy And the voices around you said... Canít you see, you have to, change yourself Before you change the world, and me He can change you He can change you and me Your cause is my most valued treasure, In this world filled with so much pleasure, I donít want to become a hater, Cause we were meant to feel something greater.

THAT BAD - written by: Seth Hyde ~ I canít even tell what your saying And I donít even know what your name is. Ya, I guess you never new what you had, But I thought it didnít seem that bad That bad, that bad, that bad. I donít even know what your name is, Donít know where your heart is. Ya, I guess you always took it for granted, But I thought it didnít seem that bad. That bad, that bad, that bad. I canít even tell what your saying And I donít even know what your name is. Ya, I guess you never new what you had, But I thought it didnít seem that bad. That bad, that bad, that bad. I canít even tell what your saying And I donít even know what your name is. Ya, I guess you never new what you had, But I thought it didnít seem that bad.That bad, that bad, that bad.

VALYD - written by: Seth Hyde ~ I picture you standing all alone, yeah. My body turns to stone. But itís ok, I feel it everyday, Still the same, Never changing, Like it, I like it anyway, Cause I know what you would say, Even though I know, I know. I know, I am The brains of the operation. I hope you hear me eventually, On a radio station. On your hand, You wrote the information. Still in the end, Thereíll be no explanation. Itís the same as it was before, Just push you right back out the door. In the end it will never be the same, In the end it ends as a different game.

MARK IS SLEEPING - written by: Seth Hyde ~ Bitter taste is swimming in my mouth Iím a chicken so I better fly south Cause the winter is coming Potato cakes are coming And Iíll be the last to leave And Iíll be the last to leave Iíll be the last to be Iíll be the last to leave, Here Eyes are droppiní, Iím a feeliní dragginí Bush is my favorite president and not Bill Clinton I donít know why, so I just give a sigh And wonít be the last to leave Why do some people say, blink shouldnít be here today Itís not all in the image, just like a poopy sandwich, That I ate yesterday, I gottaí say And I wonít be the last to leave

THE PIRATE SONG - written by: Foreign DNA~ You better respect my pegged leg Or for your life youíll have to beg When weíre done me and my crew Will stand and throw burritos at you I like to watch you walk the plank Where you be eaten by a shark named frank I blow bubbles in milk with chocolate And hang out with my pal Davy Crockett. Iím a pirate here we go I shot your ship and there she blows While I sail the ocean blue I becominí after you While I have my whisky drink I be watchiní your ship sink Weíre liviní large and liviní low Iím a pirate here we go As the day goes by it gets hotter and hotter When I fart itíll make your eyes water We rob, we steel, we lie, and belch And we donít like the Dutch or the Welsh As I put the shrimp on the Barbie Iíll play with me life size Barbie We grunt, we cuss, we eat, and we pee But never around the Christmas tree

ORLANDO'S IN THE HIZEEHOUSE - written by: Mark Watson~ Um...he just made it up...i don't know what he's doing.