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Once upon a time there were two kids named Matt Routh and Mark Watson. They Met in 8th grade and became really good friends. Matt had just started playing guitar and Mark liked the idea. They became great friends and musicians. Mark and Matt knew a kid named Seth Hyde in their class. They had talked to him before and knew he played guitar. Early in their freshman year, Matt talked to Seth about their band and Seth wanted to play bass for them. Mark and Matt had been waiting for a bass player and they knew no one better for the job. It just so happened that Seth's brother, Paul Hyde, was a drummer. He was an excellent drummer, and Seth was a great bass player. They got together and they had a band. They practiced in Paul and Seth’s basement and called themselves Foreign DNA, (oh, that was deep!). Lately, Foreign DNA has been very successful on their road to fame. They have one CD out called “Overlooked” and have played shows in Post Falls, Spokane, and Wallace. They are now currently playing shows and getting ready to record their next CD and then…………who knows what will come next...... Oooo! pick me! i know what comes next...They did record their new Cd and it was recorded at College Road recording in Spokane. It is tittled "A Place In The Crowd" and has 16 songs on it. They were really proud of their new CD and started to sell it. They held a CD release party in the back of one of the member's girlfriend's house. From then on, Foreign DNA has been busy trying to find shows and get through high school. They played some battle of the bands a couple times and won some money. Which helped them pay for the creation of their recent CD. A big show for Foreign Dna was when they got to play with Watashi Wa, a signed band on Tooth and Nail Records! Other shows include Post Falls Days, Bloomsday, Lake City BOB, Shows at the detour in Spokane, and the band has also expaneded their fan base into Moscow, Id where the drummer, Paul, now goes to college. They did a show there for some college kids. Foreign DNa is still going strong as they get ready for upcoming shows all the time. Both their cds are for sale at the Long Ear and Hastings in Couer d' Alene. Keep on the look out for Foreign DNA because you don't want to miss them before they're famous...(geez, this whole band history thing is really cheesy.)