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 I'm Mike , but you knew that! Oh wait...thats why you are here.
       Great, now i gota tell about lil ole me..
oh wait.. im lazy here is where what ppl say about me :

koOLaid pUp: ummm yur such a sexy beast. i wanna give yu a lapdance ;-)

xo tikidancer xo: mike is wub mikey! :-D

burningangel67: i think youre fun to talk to, and what little i know you, youve been very nice.

HidingFromChason: you are a moomoo

PCFL87: let me think.......... (10:51:35 PM) well mike.......... (10:51:52 PM) i just wanna tell u that (10:51:58 PM) i`m smarter than u think..... (10:52:09 PM) (10:52:16 PM) but are you as smart as i think (10:52:25 PM) or do u think as smart as me (10:52:29 PM)or as fast as me....... (10:52:35 PM) just think about that

ThearchyWeasel: i like your taste in football teams ThearchyWeasel: hows that? punk013: u mean none? ThearchyWeasel: dang

Cocoa1766: da kido it a real shrimp of a bubba gump or a like tug um boata, and your a butt face

Bengtfan03: your the hottest guy on earth and every girl is just dying for u to ask them out on a date

TheWildMan2000: If you put James Earl Jones, Danny Devito, and Martha Stewart together, then you have Mike.

punk013: mike, okie, when i say ur mind goes blank... why is that?

Angel Princess84: mike is awesome.... if i were his age i would dream of being his girlfriend

RevelationJ :Well, Mike, you and I have gone back a while I guess........and in all this time we've known eachother you have never failed at being my friend. I find great comfort in knowing we'll spend eternity together, THANKS!

big62jdd :mike is normal to some people a weird to others, i guess it depends on what way u look at him

sara24seven : it's all about me not you

punkiemunkie1203 : mikey...myyy i kno its hard gurlz...and prolly for sum of you guyz too...but i want you to stay off mike. cuz hes mine!!! hehe...mike is awesome ;-) hes the sexiest sexy beast.