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Scott Hansen
Wavelength inc.
912-898-0234 home in Savannah
AOL Instant Messenger = lsstnscott70

Thanks you for visiting my page at Angelfire. JUST TO BREAK IT DOWN: I was born in Reedsburg, WI in 1981, yea I did say Wisconisin and DO LOVE ME SOME DAIRY PRODUCTS!!!,especially cheese. At a young age my parents took a bold move to break away on their own. We moved to a bunch of places, everywhere from San Diego to Virginia. The place that they picked was Virginia. So I've been living in Virginia Beach the last 13 years or so. I grew up playing football when i was realllll young, played Quarterback all the way up threw my senior year which was an experience I wouldn't trade for anything in the world. Many of my hobbies include, Painting, Drawing, anything with art basically, Playing Guitar, SURFING everyday or whenever i can get out, Camping, Volleyball, Basketball, Working out, Ping-pong, Photography,movies and goin to to the races with my bro. My freshman year in college at Old Dominion I took the rough route into college which was working 40 hours and going to school full time, DONT TRY IT IF YOU DONT HAVE TOO!!!, its a pain and it wears on you and you never get anything accomplished, On November 11 2000 my life changed when I blew out my knee playing a pick up football game, I had to quit my job and school was too much for my knee, it was the most painful experience I've ever gone threw. One of my friends got me a job at this sub shop called Jersey Mikes which was the first postive thing in my life since my injury. I also met this crazy ass biatch from Great Bridge Highschool severe mistake, Jackie who I dated for a year and 8 months. Around spring break of 2001 I took a road trip to check out art colleges cuz I've been drawing since forever it seemed like so I needed to follow the door that god opened for me. I went to 2 art colleges before stopping at SCAD which I almost decided to skip but thankfully I took the time to stop there and I loved it. I couldnt start the fall term at SCAD due to money problems but I finally had enough money and scholarships to attend in the fall term 2002 and thats where I am now. I enjoy every day of it here and I've met a bunch of cool new people. Its not hard being from home but I do miss some things, workin on the Koi ponds with my mom, takin surf trips to hatteras with my brother on the weekends and thrwoing the football with my dad. But I'm proud of who I am and I will never forget what It took to get here. I thank my family and everyone close to me, Larry, Jessie, Nick for always being there when i needed you guys.JESSIE I LOVE U