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Welcome to the second best page on the internet. I say second because Maddox currently holds that title, but worry not, i will soon overcome him with my witty rhetoric, classic humor, and pimpin' charms.

So I guess I should say something about myself: I'm a business school student [don't laugh], with majors in accounting and finance. That's right, bi-otches, i can do my own taxes. I speak english and spanish fluently, and conversational french and hebrew. I am a certified procrastinator and slacker, since 2001. Top all-time bands are metallica, nirvana, thursday, deftones, linkin park... currently into maroon 5, and other mainstream crap. I sold out last week.

That's all you're gonna get out of me on the home page. Read more and rock on.

Of course, this page expresses the views of no one, all rights are reserved, i'll sue your ass for copyright infringements, etc...

But I do condone downloading music. That's not illegal. Damn the man!


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