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Dorm Room Politics

   It's that time of the year again, when college students across the country rush madly to get the best dorm rooms, suites, or apartments for the following school year. In the spirit of this occasion, I've compiled a comparison between my current dorm room and my future dorm room. Future and current college students alike should study this comparison to avoid getting stuck with cold showers in the morning or Sleepy McSnoresalot. Let's begin:

   I live in the "old dorms" right now. The atmostphere is great. People are always walking around talking to each other, having a good time over kegs and funnels. They are well-kept too, for the most part, but in the end nothing can take away the fact that they are old dorms. This is why my room looks like this:

   Another minus to my current situation is the roommate. Having a roommate is great sometimes, you always have someone to talk to, but it can be so annoying to come back home and walk in on your roommate canoodling his or her signifact other. Also, you're likely to have different sleeping habits, and that can be a pain sometimes if you don't coordinate your schedules. Plus, some roommates can be so messy:

   As much as I love my roommate this year. I've decided I need some me space. That's why next year:

   Anyways, I went over to my future dorm room in the middle of the night the other day, removed all the current occupant's possesions and took a photo for this post. Then I scanned it and added some poster images, just to give you all an idea of what my bachelor pad is going to look like. Think this plus a futon and a huge-ass TV. [the coronas on the bed come free with the room]:

   Then I got an email the other day from the Residential Services department. Apparently, they are so sorry that I had to endure living in a room the size of a closet this year. So they've decided to throw in a complimentary gift for my room next year:

   Pretty sweet, right? Ok now, the other big thing about dorms in college is the bathrooms. Bathrooms at your house are not always a big deal, but college is a place of transition and change, confusion and exploring new lifestyles and ideas. At least that's what they told me the first time I walked into the communal bathrooms on my currrent floor:

   We sure became close friends on the floor. Sharing my shampoo with Mike and Gregg and Zack and my RA Steve and oh-so-many-men-i-don't-want-to-think-about-it wasn't too bad. But, I gotta be honest, the bathrooms are not kept so well:

   So I made another trip to my future dorm room, and found out that next year i'll have my OWN bathroom. I've never had my own bathroom ever before. I was so excited I just had to take a picture:

   Then the department residential services sent me another email: Dear David, We are so sorry you had to wear shower sandals for so long. We apologize that we ruined your shower experience for so long, so we've decided that we couldn't live with ourselves, without giving you this:

   As you can imagine, I accepted their gift. I'm not one to take charity from others, but every man has to swallow his pride one time or another and take what life has destined him to have. All in all, I'd say I've got a pretty good deal going on next year in terms of housing. I am paying $7300 for my dorm room so I would expect no less. Just to be sure though, I'm going to forward a copy of this to Residential Services. I want to be sure that they know that I'd like the ladies to be brunettes.