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Lawn Mower Club

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best Damn band in the world
find punk bands from around the US
our besties(ashur) wonderful website
best free e-mail ever

Hey this is Ronna and Danielle here we want to say thanks to Ashur for helping us make this damn website. and 7 1/2 is the best ever and 6 in good to dont worry y'all. and keep your bedroom windows 'rolled down' haha this is to jarend(sexy man): here jarend is to worship here jarend is to bow down here jarend is to say that your jarends god your altogether lovely altogether worthy altogether wonderful to jarend If you want to join The Lawn Mower Club you need to contact Danielle and Ronna: to get information on if you are eligable to join LMC Thanks so much for coming to our shitty website maybe you'll come again!? *please ; )