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..::"She is not scared to die...." Echos though the arena as Kristie Vaugn begins to run down the ramp. She then slides into the ring and smiles and the screaming fans in the crowd. Signs are being thrown up saying things such as "We Love Kristie", "Good Luck Kristie Vaugn" and "Kristie Vaugn: Next Womens Champ!!". Kristie waits for the crowd to settle before she puts the microphone to her mouth and begins to speak.::..

.::*Kristie Vaugn*::. Wooo! I am just sooo excited! Whos the next womens champ? ^..:Kristie dances around the ring and giggles:..^ Okaii. Sorry about that, I had too get it out. I dont want to be cocky or anything. I am a true diva and fighter. I first off want to say Good Luck to Angel, Hunnay you are going to need it. I still have the fire in me. I was once the Womens Champion. I had the gold in my hands, around my waist, untop of my shoulders. I was a proud champ. I miss being that woman seen with the gold. And you are damn wrong if you think that I am going to pass up a chance to be that woman once again. I want it soo bad, and what I want is what I am going to get. I dont get things handed to me though, oh no I dont. I have to work every ounce of my body to get what I want. Dont think otherwise young Angel. The gold is as good as mine how I see it. You were a good Champ. But I hate to tell you Angel, you will loose it. And on your first time defending it. Im sorry that it has to be that way.

.::*Kristie Vaugn*::. Yew will se a hell of a lot more from me Angel. And if I dont win this match, tho I know I will, I am putting my upmost into this match. But if I dont win, you know that you will see me around every corner. I will be everywhere, untill I get MY title back. You may have not taken it from my hands directly, but you stole it from me, and it is not your right to. Now you may have won it fairly. And for that I repesct you. But right now I am think ing about myself. You may notice, I dont come here to make fun of looks or shit people say. I came out here tonight to put out the image for myself. Now Angel. I think that I have done that. Remember that this wont be the last you will here of me.

..::Kristie slides out of the ring and walks backstage where she meets up with Blade Taylor. She kisses him lightly on the cheeck and smiles at him. Then they begin to speak::..

.::*Kristie Vaugn*::. Hey sweetie. Did you watch? Did you see what I was saying?

.::*Blade Taylor*::. Yes, I did honey. You made some very good points. Im really proud of you.

.::*Kristie Vaugn*::. Thank You. I cant wait to be the champ again. Though I know that Angel puts up a hell of a fight, I know that I cant raise more than hell in the ring. I know that once I have my heart set on something, that I am going to get it and nobosy I mean nbody is going to step in my way when it comes to that. Not angel, not anyone. I have been training and training my heart out for this day to come.

.::*Blade Taylor*::. I know, and I have total faith in you. I know that you want what should be yours, because I know that you deserve it. I am so glad you are yourself again and that you are going to be the champ. I know that you can do it. I have total confidence in you, and I know that everyone else does too. So dont you worry you little heart about it. You know you can do it babe.

.::*Kristie Vaugn*::. Aww, thank you hunn. I am very worried about it though, I mean the fact that I am going to be out there, fighting for a very specail title is going to freak me out a little, but I know that once I get out there and do what I have to do, I will be the champ once again. And Kristie Vaugn will be known as the best damn diva again. She was once, she can do it again.

.::*Blade Taylor*::. Well, do you think that you are phisically ready for this match? I mean you know that I think you are, but that isnt going to help you much when you are out there, you know? .::*Kristie Vaugn*::. To tell you the truth, I think I am ready for anything. I think that I could take on the world right now. I think I can handy anything and anyone. There is no accpetion with Angel. She is a great girl, though I dont know her personally. You know, I cant wait to challenge myself during that match because I do know it will be a challenge
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