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Dragonforce - Where Dragons Rule Midi GP
DragonForce - Fields of Despair
Tab made by Samurai Sweetie & Knightrider of Doom
Midi GP
Dragonforce - My Spirit Will Go On
Tab made by Samurai Sweetie & Knightrider of Doom
Midi GP
Dragonforce - Dawn Over A New World Midi GP
Dragonforce - Cry Of The Brave Midi GP
Dragonforce - Valley of the Damned Midi GP
Dragonforce - Black Fire
Tab made by Samurai Sweetie & Knightrider of Doom
Midi GP
Dragonforce - Black Winter Night Midi GP
Dragonforce - Evening Star Midi GP
Dragonforce - Heart of a Dragon Midi GP
Dragonforce - Valley of the Damned (Demo) Midi GP
Dragonforce - Revelations (Demo) Midi GP
Dragonforce - Starfire (Demo) Midi GP
Dragonforce - Black Winter Night (Demo) Midi GP
Dragonforce - Disciples of Babylon (Demo) Midi GP


Metallica - That Was Just Your Life Midi GP
Savage Circus - Born Again By The Night Midi GP
Domine - The Eternal Champion
Mai-HiME OST 1 - Kajiura Yuki - Mezame
Battle song from the anime "Mai-HiME"! 60% complete!
Lufia: The Legend Returns - Fortress of Doom (Metal Version) Midi GP
C64 Double Dragon Theme (Metal Version) Midi
Power Quest - Follow Your Heart
Tab made by MightyRavenDark, Samurai Sweetie and Knightrider of Doom
Midi GP
Domine - The Battle For The Great Silver Sword Midi GP
DF Forum Members - PowerMetal Suite OP: 1
Song written by Padraig, KoD, Mortis, Metalian, Samurai Sweetie and Euryon
Lion - The TransFormers (Theme)
Special Thanks to Samurai Sweetie for helping me with the tab! :)
Midi GP
Wizard - Hall of Odin
Midi GP
Super Robot Taisen - Crossing Through Time
Melodic Speed Power Metal Version
Midi GP
Demoniac - Kill all the Faggots Midi GP
Demoniac - Daggers and Ice Midi GP
Demoniac - Night Demons Midi GP
Blind Guardian - And Then There Was Silence Midi GP
Domine - Hurricane Master Midi GP
Dragon Heart - Gods of Ice Midi GP
Dragonland - Calm Before The Storm Midi GP
Lucifer's Heritage - Dead of the Night Midi GP
Nobuo Uematsu - Dancing Mad(Part 1) Metal Version Midi GP
Nostradameus - The Final Battle Midi GP
Rhapsody - The Village of Dwarves Midi GP
Shadow Warriors - Power of the Ninja Sword MidiGP
Shadow Warriors - Fight For Be Free Midi GP
Unknown - The Fatal Decision
I have downloaded this midi from a japanese website...
please tell me, if you know the artist of this song!
Steel Attack - Guardians Midi
Megaman X6 (Rockman X6) - Blaze Heatnix Midi GP
Bal-Sagoth - A Tale From The Deep Woods Midi GP

My own compositions.

KoD - Starblast Apocalypse Midi GP
KoD - Fight to the end Midi GP
KoD - Burning Skies Midi GP
KoD - Hyperloader (Video Game Metal Part 3) Midi GP
KoD - Dante's Purgatory Midi
KoD - Random Song Midi
KoD - Metal X-mas Midi
KoD - Video Game Metal Part 2 Midi
KoD - Video Game Metal Part 2 (alternate version)
MGS Snake Eater Theme ending!
KoD - Rise of the Demon Lord Midi GP
KoD - The NeverEnding Sunset Midi GP
KoD - Dragon's Revenge Midi GP
KoD - Video Game Metal Midi GP
KoD - Power of the Majestic Sword of Holy Dragon Light Midi GP
KoD - Legend of the Black Sun (new Tab here)
49 Minutes Symphonic Epic Power Metal!
Midi GP
KoD - Winds of Time Midi GP
KoD - Demonwarriors Midi GP
KoD - Force of Darkness (2010 Version: MIDI GP) Midi GP
KoD - Legion of Fear Midi GP
KoD - Black Forest Midi GP
KoD - Battle of the Gods Midi GP
KoD - Kingdom of Ice Midi GP
KoD - Last Battle Midi GP

Made by Samurai Sweetie

Enrique Iglesias - Escape Midi GP
Enrique Iglesias - Escapar (Spanish Version) Midi GP
J. Frank Wilson and The Cavaliers - Last Kiss Midi GP
Dale Schacker - Saber Rider and The Star Sheriffs (Theme) Midi GP
Kodomo Band - Purple Eyes Midi GP
Limahl - The NeverEnding Story Midi GP
Power Quest - Far Away Midi GP
Power Quest - Temple Of Fire Midi GP
John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band - On The Dark Side Midi GP
Kodomo Band - Heart Of Madness Midi GP
Stratovarius - I Walk To My Own Song Midi GP
Castlevania 2 - End Suite Metal Ballad Version Midi GP
Dragonland - The NeverEnding Story Midi GP
Kick Axe - Nothin's Gonna Stand In Our Way Midi GP
Blaster Master - End Suite Metal Version Midi GP