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Hey, my name is Dean. You may also know me as Zero, «Dum.bass», or, of course, JONNY MO, or you may not. If not just call me Dean, or pick a name. I am about 5'10" and have MEDIUM black hair that curls at the bottom so if I'm wearing a hat backwards i look like bozo the clown. I usually have a cap on forwards though, so it's all good. The one thing that no one else has on me is i ALWAYS have an orange shirt, on besides in weights class but that's cuz i don't wanna mess up the orange beauty. I really have 4 alias's. I will tell you all about all of them now:

Dean-He's who i am during school, at home, and mostly at football games. he's a fun guy to be, but can get really annoying.

Zero-The lead guitarist of the band Armistice. He's also fun to be, but really serious if he's tryin to get sumthin done.

«Dum.bass»-This is who I am online. He's a smart ass, just like all of my other alias's, but this one's very good at it.

JONNY MO-This is my newest alias, and the only people that call me it are the senior guys in band that i hang out with. Very fun to be simply cuz he has a fun name.

To read more about me go to this page(yes, i know, this will probably be my least visited site huh?)


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