*SkAtEr BoYs roCk mY SoCkS*
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Hey! My name is Pagen Ashtiani!* I'm 15, I have brown hair & eyes, and I'm going to be a freshmen at F.C.H.S!* Heck yeah!!* hehe! I play volleyball and basketball!* It's all pretty cool!! I like to hang out with my friends, talk on the phone, swim, play sports, go driving, ride 4wheelers and stuff liek that!! I'm single!! I like a few people though!!* I love to listen to music!!* my favorite band is Good Charlotte*! If you don't like them then uhh I probably won't like you!! hehe..I like Punk and Alternative music!! And some Country too!* My favorite bands are Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Less Than Jake, Kill Hannah, Deftones, The All-American Rejects, Linkin Park, Salvia, Letters to Cleo, Revis, Custom, Justincase, S.O.A.D, Blink 182, Box Car Racer, Sugarcult, and stuff like that!!* Well I guess thats all you need to know about me!!~ Cya later! XOXO, Pagen!