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Seeing as I've just started here, I suggest you stay awhile and watch things as they develop. By the By... Dontcha Just Loooove Th' Animation?
UPDATE! A Hal Sparks And Queer As Folk Page... And a Special Ad Page For My Masterpiece (I know, I know, I'm sexy. No Applause.)!
This page is Obviously Under Construction. Keep up with me, dammit I work a full 40, mmm'kay? Anyway, soon to come: A Revamped M*A*S*H Page A Rocky Horror Picture Show Page More crap... Be patient.

Cool Sites and Other Crap

Sick, wrong, hilarious comic strips by Max Cannon. Oh The Humanity
Read fanfiction (The ones by Marchioness Homemade Sin, if you please)
Needst I Explain?
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Hal Sparks.... Damn! He's so sexy it hurts!
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*~Sky Blue~* (The Aforementioned Masterpiece)