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Skate Spots

Hardware City Skate Park

Hardware city has just about a little bit of every thing has rails,1 half pipe, a bunch of box ramps, box ramps with rails, quarter pipes Hardware can just about fit any skater.

CT Skate park

CT has mostly half pipes and 1 box ramp CT  is a park for vert skaters or just a close park to go and mess around on.

Chippens Hill Middle School

Chippens is a school if you couldn't tell, it has a lot of rails and stairs it has some ledges a bike rack its a place to go and get technical and you can set up a bunch of good lines.

Eastern High School 

Eastern is pretty much like Chippens a lot of rails and ledges not so many stairs but an over all good place to skate.


Woodward is a training park for the pros but it is also a camp for kids in the summer kids pay to go and learn how to do more stuff they get taught by pros the park has a lot of every thing it has pretty much everything you can imagine from outdoor parks to indoor parks rails to half pipes from ledges to spines. 

Skate Spots
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