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New Skate Reviews!


USD - UFS Psirus Gillan IIIThe new UFS Psirus Gillan is superiori ncludes new soul plate system UFS Senate Gillan pro frames Senate Gillan pro wheels 55mm 89A ABEC 5 bearings brand new version of the Sinister liner with fit improvements

USD - UFS Team Psirus The Psirus Team Skate features the Kizer UFS frame, ABEC 3 Kizer bearings, and USD team wheels. This a great quality skate at a most excellent price


Salomon - Rob Thompson Pro Skate The Rob Thompson pro skate is solid Rob is a crazy stunt skater and his pro skate is ready for crazy stunts Includes new wide body soul plate new Salomon frames 4x4 Thompson pro wheel 56mm and abec 5 bearings.

Salomon - ST PRO  The Salomon St pro UFS skate has it all for less. Includes high quality liner new wide body soul frame a ufs salomon frame 56mm wheels heel shock absorber


Razors - Genesys 2 SkateGenesys 2 replaceable soul plates pre-grooved extra large backslide plates & oversized shock absorbers Liner comes with 12mm high density foam neoprene tongue attachment system & an articulated ankle shape to provide full heel support two allen wrenches are placed inside each skate underneath the heel pads

Razors - S4 (Shima 4)The 2003 soul frame wraps around the edge of the boot providing extra durability, strength & support. S4 also features Brian's new 60mm/90A wheel from 4x4. The S4 liner by Reign has thicker padding & a redesigned tongue for better comfort. GC 2G Frame& ABEC 5 bearings

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