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Half Stack Riot was created February Vacation of 2003. At first production was slow, and it took many practices to even master one song. But we kept working hard and eventually started to get the ball rolling, or the music.. music-ing. Whatever floats your boat. So anyway, the band had four members, Corey Oberlander on Guitar and Backing Vocals, Ian Tallmadge as the groups Lead Singer, Tim Mason on Bass, and Michael Raneo as the Drummer. We then came up with a plethera of songs, Kamikaze, Lock Stock And That's Not My Arm, Double Vision, Restored, Big Rhondas Rock and Roll Song, She's Dead, Eye To Eye, Kill Our Love, The Mall Song, Gasong and covers of The Crowd By Operation Ivy, Die For The Government By Anti-Flag, and Breed By Nirvana. Somewhere along the way we decided to change out name to Not A Ton, but we are again looking to change it. Setting up shows and gigs did not come easy for us and many promises and words were broken. Eventually we decided to record a couple songs to generate some sort of recognition. But upon recording Kamikaze, Double Vision, and 2 emprov songs, Gasong and The Mall Song, we ended up breaking up in a way. So we didn't have practice for about 5 months or so, but now we're back with new songs and a different attitude.



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