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smoking pot is a beautiful thing when i smoke pot i say yo yo, bling bling some say its bad i think its good if you thinks its bad i dont think you should so i'll get real mad and come to your hood with my gat in my hand im ganna spill ya blood bet you wish you smoked pot now but you didnt instead well it sucks for you pal cause now you and your family be dead so if you dont smoke pot im going to kill you i like to smoke pot a lot so im going to kill you too kill everyone in sight cause im so fucking high kill everyone, yeah, tight i aint be tellin youz no lie bitches like cigarettes it aint as cool as pot you wanna bet? ill kill you on the spot smoke pot get high dont stop dont lie dont die smoke pot alright hot hot pots good smoke it you know you should toke it " by brent "

one time i smoked some pot. one time i had a little thought. it was somkeing pot is really fine. i belive i wil smoke pot all the time. i will smoke it before i go to school. that will rule. i will smoke it all day long. i am no fool. smoking pot is really keen. and it doesn't give me a hang over like jim been. " by hank "

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