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Sunday, October 24, 2004 Went to work, drove home on break but only to call Megan and have a discussion with her that would only lead to the end of our relationship. Yesterday we were supposed to do something, however, she ended up making me drag her friends along with us. Then she breaks up with me. I should have been the one dumping her. I guess things just donít always work out. One month everything can be perfect, and then 14 months later everything is just over. I cried you know. I cried for a few minutes, not too long, but only because I didnít want to walk into McDonaldís, where I work, with tears in my eyes. Had I been at home I would have cried longer. I thought about her while I was slaving over a hot grill. Then I wanted to do it. I walked over and grabbed the scissors. I opened them up and fit them snugly on it. And I then proceeded to apply pressure to it. It was a bracelet she had given me. I had worn it for a very long time. Probably over 6 months, except for the one time a kid in economics class took it off. Now it was much too large to take off with force, it had to be cut off. As the scissors clamped down onto the blue plastic surface of the bracelet, the scissors snapped like a twig under pressure. To me, thatís a sign to keep it on. Maybe it was just a coincidence, but maybe not, who knows! Right now, as I sit just home from work, I wonder as to what she has found to occupy her life. Most likely she has already called someone and arranged to meet with them. That would break my heart even more than it already has been mangled. The thought of it simply makes me want to die. I sit here thinking to myself wow, if this was going to happen and us leave in such tempers, no not mad or anything, then itís a waste of time. However, maybe thatís not the case, maybe I still have a future with her, or even something that she has taught me will show up and come in handy later. She has taught me so much, probably more than I really should know, however, I do. She has taught me things in which I cannot explain to anyone or anything. Things I will treasure my entire life and when I look back upon our simpler lives I will smile, and say ďWow, I really loved herĒ. None the less, thatís all over now and I think it might just be time to move on. My hours of love are over. From now on, there is only freedom. Me for me. You for you. Sunday, October 24, 2004 This is at about 6:30 , so yea I told a few people about me and megan, lets just say about 120% of them didnít believe me. They all thought it was some kind of joke me and Megan were trying to pull on a bunch of people. Bill, having just broken up with Sam, obviously didnít believe however I finally convinced him as to what had happened.