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Donnell'page of love

Donnell'page of love

Here is a lttle information about me. My name is Donnell Mackenzie, I am 15 years old and I go to Moncton High School, here in moncton. I love drama, thats what I spend a lot of my time doing, it is where I have met most of my really good friends, like Kaitlin Smith, Mandy Siliker, Louie Rossetti, Cody Heartley, Colin Berry, Derek Melanson, Amanda Cull, and sooo many more. I also love doing improv, hangin out with my friends, and jamming with my band, (Brent, Gabe, Dunkan) "The Five Of Clubs", as well as jamming with the best band in eastern Canada, "The Avro Erreaus", (Dan, Kyle, ANDREW MOORE (the guy), and evan. My favorite bands are,(at the time) Blink182, and Cold Play.

Everything would be a lot more exciting, if we were all on FIRE! - Me

There is something odd-smelling about...

Here are the names of people i want to kill;

My Favorite Web Sites

Google- search engine
Lyrics from a-z
Blink182-I love that band
Guitar tabs universe

Thank you for donating your soul to me, it will be added to my collection, and is well appreciated