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Dec 9th/03
Hello children!
Whats chillin'? We have begun to set up for recording, all the rest of our equipment will be taken to Farmertrafe studios early this week, to start the floor tracks on Wednesday. Check back for updates on how the recording is going. And if we dont see you before Labour Day, have a good one!
Force Of Habit

Dec 3rd/03
Hey Everyone,
We have all been really busy writing new material and we are now concentrating our time on putting the finishing touches on our songs, because guess what? We are going to be laying down some bomb tracks... we're recording. The very first Force Of Habit EP will consist of eight original songs that we've been working very hard on for a while, so we hope you like them. So keep refering back to the site for more information about the recording. Also, don't forget to come see us play this friday (dec. 5)at Parish Hall in Norval, hope to see you there. Keep on truckin'!
Force of habit

Hey, welcome to the new site, thanks for dropping by. We are playing at Parish Hall in Norval on Dec05/03, along with Harverd, Better Than Nothing, The Goodbye Celebration, etc.