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*!* OK so I go to alot of shows.... And I aLwAys take pictures(exept when I dont have a comera). I will put pictures of me with my favorite bands and some of the pics I took of them performing on here. NOW I am awfull looking in all theese pics cause I just got out of the pit... You all know how rough that can be.. Ok well here they are.*!*

Allister. This is a group Pic I took of them after a show. They are so awesome. The allister STORY is on my Journal page. You can read it there. But I will have more allister pics up ASAP.

OK.. Remeber BIG BLUE MONKEY!?! Well, they changed there name to STORY OF THE YEAR.. They are SOOOO AWESOME.. I love SOTY SOO much.. they are so AWESOME. And seeings how I live in KY they dont much come n e were near here.. SO they were in CINCY and I had to go.. soo! Here are a few of the pics from that night.

Here are my MEST FRIENDS.. There sooooo great. TO n e one that says there assholes... FUCK OFF. Esp. TONY. He is soooo not a jerk. He and I had this conversation and He said I am the official take up for TONY LOVATO girl.. so WATCH IT. Here are a few pics .. I will put more up. I have SOOO many MEST pics. But here are the starters.

Well nowadays everyone knows who GOOD CHARLOTTE is. So I guess I dont need to go into detail about it. And like the rest there is more.. They will be up here soon.I look completly stupid in theese pics.. cause I was SOOO tired. I had put up with little girls screaming Benji all day.. PLUS it was 300 degrees below zero outside.. and cause Im always lookin horrid. My favorite is were Joel KNEELED down and sang "hold ON" to me..**GAH**

**this is were Benji and Joel decided I needed tattoos**

Goldfinger.. One of the GREATEST live BANDS on EARTH. I still have tons of there pics to scan .. so hold tight...

H2O (aka: my most favorite band ever next to unwritten law) I just got all new pics and I will have em up. They are soooo good. Check back soon.

NO USE FOR A NAME ** such a great band ** this was definatly one of the best shows ever.!

UNWRITTEN LAW.. AKA MY FAVORITE BAND OF ALL TIME. HERE IS A PIC OF ME AND SCOTT RUSSO( greatest singer/songwritten known to man)I have like 5 pics with him and ALL kinds of performance pics.. so yeah.. Ill get em up.



Theese are some Friends we made at the H2O Show.. Go to there website SPLURGE