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how're you tonight?
Im SUPER and yourself?
SUPER, wow
pretty good
OK a briefe history of your band...
Let's see.. we joined probably about 6 years ago
the guitarist (jonathan) and I were over at a friends house playing guitar outside really loudly I think someone outside heard us playing came over and said there was a drummer (which jonathan had known) a few streets over we walked over there and asked him if he wanted to jam.. and as they say the rest is history
we played very often with him, getting together every few days (or weeks in some cases) to jam and write new stuff, we had friends throughout where we lived as well as up and down the metro area who wanted us to play at their parties or clubs so we did on a number of occasions, we released "What resists, persists" our first, full length cd of 14 songs and 60 minutes about two years ago
since then we've been playing a lot of clubs and bars around atlanta
Who do you "Idolize"
Me personally.. I idolize (as a musician) 2 people, first Billy corgan from the Smashing pumpkins he writes such epic, wonderfully complicated songs about everything you could think of (and in a lot of cases things you can't) the diversity of songs and emotions on his albums is amazing
secondly I idolize Ben Folds and especially Ben Folds five they had such a great friendly energy on stage I tried to emulate it everytime we got up to play the humor he intertwines into his songs is great, I really dig him
awesome. What is you best/most memorable experiance in this band to date?
We played at the North Atlanta Trade Center in front of about 2,000 people we played for about an hour and a half and it was the most exhilirating experience I've ever had in the band
and the worst would be?
We'd never had real roadies or a really really badass soundsystem and 30 people working to make us sound good, and one of our booking agents called us one day and wanted us to play a show "for tv" he said, it was to benefit a vietnam veterans organization and it was going to be televised. We're thinking "oh, this'll be great publicity and it'll be a lot of fun"
well.. we show up and it's down by the railroad tracks in one of the worst parts of town, it was held in a flea market (really rundown place) and the vietnam veterans organization consisted of about 3 guys.Our booking agent also neglected to tell us that we were part of a "talent show" which was about 5 kids ranging in age from 3 years old to 9 all reading poetry, singing a patriotic song acapella, playing a simple song on the piano
Do you laugh when you think back about it then we get up there with our entire soundsystem and blow the roof off the place they didn't know what to think oh definitely haha... Thats hilarious (sry) ok... What is the hard thing at the end of your shoe laces it's funny as hell now that we endured that and didn't kill our agent.. but we were all pissed as hell then called :) ha hahaa the don't get it caught in a lawnmower, thing :) hahaha.. good one In one word describe each member of the band.. hmm.. jose: great jonathan: perfectionist shawn: loved myself: horny ugh umm.. hold on haha k I don't think I'm really qualified to answer that :) sure you r probably: grateful Do you feel that you are taken seriously most of the time I have friends who make me feel like they don't care at all about me but musically and with the friends (like my bandmates) that really matter, I'd have to say absolutely thats a great thing.. absolutely there's nothing worse than getting no respect I agree If you got to package a world wide tour what other bands would be on the bill? hmm I'd probably make a tour that was a total commercial flop haha... nah lemme think real quick I suppose I could let you do that I'd get the goo goo dolls to open for us thats it? nah then have bryan adams to bore everyone hahaha.. and it would work then we could play and amaze the audience with our mojo and singin' stylings of the 90's :) corny yes but fun for us, definitely thats all that matters... People know when the band WANTS To be there yep.. and if they don't, nobody wants to be there either exactly... REMEMBER THAT We will try What is the biggest lie you ever told? hmm I'm not a big liar but.. when i told my parents that I had just been at a friends house consoling her from her finding out she was pregnant, when in fact I had been about an hour away at another friends house getting drunk.. this was when I got home at 5 in the morning and had stolen the car to go do these things and my aliby wasn't pregnant haha... funny now but not when my friend called me the next morning really f'ing pissed at me for making up some crazy shit about her that her parents found out about from mine you told her... OH WELL you should have known better to tell a lie you could get cought in crazy shit we do in our youth yeah...and your how old? I know that now 20 I'll be 21 in 2 months Ill be 20 in 19 days haha sweet I can't wait until I'm 21 It reallly wont make much differance for me.. But just to say im 21 Im excited too i want my insurance to drop and to be able to order wine with dinner :) ah...i see....haha Um... why did you take a vacation from the band? I was in a lot of debt from my car I had purchased a few years previously.. I started working just about full time and got in to be friends with some of the wrong people they led me down some roads I wish I hadn'tve gone down.. but during this time I wasn't doing much with the band yeah it wasn't going in the direction i wanted it to and i was under a lot of stress from a lot of other people to "get my life on track" and all that bsd bsd = bs haha.. ok.. But your back for good right? absolutely I'm not going anywhere good.. what is your favorite song to cover? hmm.. molly's lips by nirvana is one of our crowds favorites.. I'd have to say my fav song to cover is "good" by better than ezra I think i speak for the band when i say that Thats awesome... it's a blast it's amazing how close you get to be with each other after 6 years of being together I imagine Why can't women put on mascara with their mouth closed? you really know how people are going to react to new ideas hmm... haha cause they can only do 1 thing at once nah j/k dunno ooohh.... I've never noticed that HAHA ok I like silly questions... haha What do you call male ballerinas? apparently.. but that's what makes an interiview interesting chicks with dicks? haha ok, maybe not haha... thats a good one.. I think Ill keep ity alright be my guest THANKS.. anytime And what is your most imberassing moment on stage? we played a club gig with a few bands we've known for a while we played a kickass show until about 3/4 of the way through it we get to one of the songs I wrote, last glimpse I totally blanked on the beginning words to that song for about 3 minutes I just kept playing the beginning progression over and over trying to think of them and they never came to me everyone's looking at me like I'm an idiot haha... the bartender, the doorman.. the other bands we've known finally jonathan leans over and tells me the first line and it was all cool just total brainfart funny.. funny... if you think so.. sry.. But I do good :) also ur band lost a member? yes was that hard on your band... Caring on... absolutely it was one of the hardest things I've ever been through and I'm sure the same is true for the rest of the guys completely understandable... we're closer now than we had been in the past Do you feel that your BAND is stronger? a sortof mutual understanding of what we felt and what we went through yeah because of the lack of a drummer we haven't been playing as much as we would've liked to it's hard to play without a rhythm section so the band is weaker simply because of that When do you think you will get another drummer? but when we decide who will drum for us again we'll be a MUCH stronger band i believe we haven't seen anyone we've liked enough to take shawn's place or anyone we feel is a good match when that person comes around we'll go for it but it has to feel right I understand.. that has to be rough it's not easy but life goes on yes! :) Ok well.. My last question of course has to be silly to leave on a good note so haha shoot What should you do when you see an endangered animal that is eating an endangered plant? thats a bad on one haha no eat both of them and noone will know yea... haha BUT you must belch loudly else both of their lives would've been in vain ;) HAHA... guys..... HAHAHA.... silly girls haha.. :) yea... haha BUT you must belch loudly else both of their lives would've been in vain ;) HAHA... guys..... HAHAHA.... silly girls