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Journal of Sorts

12/01/02.... OK so Im in love with COUNTING THE STARS. Once again this is amandas doing. I liked the song... then she showed me pictures and HOLY FUCKING SHIT you guys have to see the drummer! gah** N e ways. My new favorite song ever is by them YAY!.... Well I over came my fear and IM'd him on AIM the other night and he was sooo nice. And AMANDA had filled him in on the things I had been saying. SO i was a little embarassed.. Cant wait till they play a show with in 400 miles of this place. I WILL SO BE THERE!!!

11/28/02... OK. so ... ALLISTER is so awesome. Dave put us on the guestlist and we got to hang out with them it was the greatest. I met the riddlin kids. Cllint is WAY friendly. He broke my cell phone but he fixed it .. so all is Well.. Dave the drummer from allister. TOLD ME " I dont give my # to just n e one.. so call me. Make use of my number... I dont give my number to poeple I dont wanna talk to." I thought Dava would have been way more excited then she was since Dave is like WOW to her. She loves him almost like I love Scott Russo. But no one can really do that ,.., But shes close.. I just thought.. i would give a intestine for his number. O well. Amanda thanks for hooking me up with allister! U rock!

11/25/02.. I WAS JUST MOTIVATED TO WRITE.. This is about my friend and her MAN that she met online. Just my opinion.. Not ment to PISS any one off.
Alright.. So AMANDA. My best friend who I LOVE DEARLY has made sweet with some guy she met online. TO me thats weird. Cause I would feel like i was in love with some caracter on tv. (wait.. I am in love with alot of people on tv... ) exept she has no face.. Just a voice and um FONT?.. I mean .. I can see that she likes him.. ANd I can soo understand her feelings. I am not LOOKING DOWN ON HER FOR IT.. But I am just looking out for her. .. Have you seen the storys were A girl meets a guy from online and he kills her.. Or takes her off?!?!?? Not that this will happen to amanda.. CAUSE I AM HER OOMPAH LOOPAH BODY GUARD..hehe.. They call me Well. WHat if he is PUKE UGLY? Not that he is. But think... I dont care what n e one says YOU CANT BE WITH SOMEONE YOU THINK IS REPULSIVE.. Like.. Hes FUN AS HELl but I couldnt kiss em.. way... ever.. (Im kidding. I think I kissed him GAMES! Either way.. As long as MANDERS is Happy. im behind her. Thats what friends are for.. I ::HEART:: U MANDERS. **************************************************** I GET TO MEET OUR LADY PEACE TOMARROW

11/24/02 Omigod.. there so hot in this picture.

But keep that on the dl.. cause they already know it.. And that is NOT a good QUALITY in a person. Cocky bastards.. :).. I love GC! I think Im going to go look for scott russo pictures. I am so bored. I have watched all my Unwritten law videos and listened to all my UL cd's.. Im bummin..You can tell something is wrong when I do that. Im not sure what my problam is but I will get over it.. SOON. I hope. Cause droopy moods suck.

11-23-02 Wow. today I got a weird email and Im dieing.. I cant really go into detail about it cause that certain someone might read this. I think I love him. I mean really. Not just my useual OMIGOD i love him. Im such a lameass .---- no really ---- Greg from STORY OF THE YEAR. I hate you right now. Ass. Waylon.. Im sorry... so sorry. I ::Heart:: you

11/22/02 Alright. Im so bored. OMIGOD. Well, I worked all day. then spent the night car shopping. Im being very picky. I learned last time I can bargain and get shit thrown in on the package. WELL Im taking complete advantage this time around. My mom said she was proud... That guy at green tree toyota hates me. They think cause I look 12 that im a puch over.. ahaha. I wish I had that on tape.

11/18/02 Well Its MONDAY.. Im at work. BORED as useual. I hope I can quit RETS soon.. cause this is really getting old. I mean jeeze. Jenny the morning receptionist does NOTHING and she screws the company over.. But because she acts so freaking nice and shes so pretty she gets treated so great.. I want the full time spot. DAMNIT! OH WELL when Im not here to do all her work and make everything run smooth they will regret this... (assholes). I BOUNCED A CHECK I highly suggest that you dont do this. FOR my 4 dollar check now cost me 29 dollars. IT ALL SUCKS. I am angry at the world today. And I still dont have a car.

10/17/02 OK.. SO I never knew how bad life sucked untill I lost my car. IM SO DIEING. I cant take it here.. THEESE POEPLE DRIVE ME MAD. I found out that OUR LADY PEACE is coming to Louisville with GREENWHEEL.. exciting? Not really.. But OK. I got my mother to take me around to places near by to put in applications.. SO I CAN GET OUT of HERE.. Well, I hope someone calls.! O well, Im crampin.. Must get some pics togather to add to the pics section. I want a new car.. ANd I want it now.. Im thinking HONDA CIVIC? That is prolly what I will get. I dont know tho.. Depends I like a few cars but the civic is top of the list. LOL. I watched everyone loves Raymond. VERY FUNNY. Now I must go listen to my NEW H2O CD.

10/16/02 OK. So today I went to Nashville, TN to visit the BASS PRO SHOP.. and that was a big bunch of SUCK. There is a really neat mall there but there was 10 million people there so I was not a happy "camper" (ahah.. I crack myself up).. Ok, so besides that Ive done nothing all day. At 2am. I watched The latest episode of SOUTH PARK and it was not that FUNNY. I mean there was a few parts... and they all belonged to CARTMAN as always. I love HIM!


OK.. SO On October 25th (the day b 4 my 20th Birthday) We were headed up to CLEVELAND OHIO to see ALLISTER with Flogging Molly and ANDREW W K(gag) well, we only made it about an hour and 45 min into the trip when we got into a HUGE WRECK and Totaled my car.... WELL.. needless to say we never made it. We spent the entire day standing in the rain.. talking to cops and cleaning powder from the airbag off our clothes and out of our eyes.... It was bad.
So like 2 days later.. This WONDERFULL girl AMANDA IM's me on AIM. She is a STORY OF THE YEAR FAN and she saw my screen name on there.. Well we got to talking and I told her about the wreck.. She was like so concerned and she said.. "Im going to see allister soon and Ill have them call you." WELL, I was like awesome.. halfway expecting something to not work out the way I wanted... But late one night.. (november 7th to be exact) we were in COLUMUS OHIO with H2O and My phone rings. It is AMANDA and she and I talked and she said scotties about to call you.. and I was all REALLY OMIGOD.. And I told her about how I got Travis Barkers autograph for her and she actually thinks that makes us even??!?@!! Well about 10 min later.. My phone rings and it is HIM .. Scottie from allister.. We talked a while.. and He told me he wanted to meet up before the show at bogarts.. which almost made me wanna die.. I said.. YOU WANNA HANG OUT WITH US?!? well........... The next day Im at wal-mart just walking around waiting for my pics to be developed and my phone rings again.. I missed the call so I had my Best Friend DAVA call the number back and see who it is.. Well she thought it was Jason or Jim (my friends from cincy) so she threw the phone to me.. I said hello?? ANd he says "HI IS THIS JESSICA" and I was like who is this?? He says.. HI.. ITS DAVE FROM THE BAND ALLISTER... I made a scene in wal-mart. . Well, He told me to call back and meet up with them b 4 the show on the 27th and that they wanted to put us on the guestlist... SO AWESOME. SO call me on the 27th if you wanna talk to a happy girl.

AMANDA I LOVE YOU!* in a strickly platonic way