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Taking Back Sunday

From - "If you told us a year ago we'd be doing this we would have never believed you." This statement coming from Adam could apply to a lot of things in the short amount of time since their debut album, "Tell All Your Friends" was released on Victory Records. Starting 2002 as an unknown band from Long Island, Taking Back Sunday ended the year on the rise, with much to reflect on. From headlining packed shows to a potentially tragic accident to MTV2 exposure Taking Back Sunday ran the gamut of highs and lows while steadily building an incredibly loyal audience and earning critical acclaim from music press everywhere. Taking Back Sunday redefines the rock sub-genre inevitably referred to as "emo", delivering passionate dual vocals and a twin guitar attack that has combines the fury of rock, the intensity of punk and an urgency all their own. The band in its present incarnation has been writing, recording and touring since early 2000. Vocalist Adam joined the band to play bass, moving from North Carolina to New York, but fate stepped in. The position of lead singer soon had a help wanted sign hanging on it. Eddie took charge and proclaimed Adam as the new singer. "The band would be totally different if Shaun had joined before Adam, we're so lucky it worked out that way," comments Mark on a recent trip out to play a sold out show to 1,700 fans in New Jersey. With a final line-up in place the band recorded a five-song demo that they started handing out to friends. "We couldn't get anyone to listen to the music, that was the hardest part," says Adam. "People get caught up; but we got the music to a good friend at Victory and they moved quick." Before they knew it they were in the studio putting together the ten tracks that would forever be their debut album TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS. "From there it's been unbelievable, we're so lucky," says Adam. TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS sold over 2,300 copies in its debut week in March of 2002, a hefty amount for a brand new band that had barely started touring. "Then it just got crazy, we went from one tour where we'd be lucky enough to play to 30 - 40 kids in a city we had never been to, to a completely sold out summer club tour with two other baby bands. Every night we'd set up to play and be wondering who the kids outside in line could possibly be waiting to see," Adam continues. "Then we'd start playing and they knew all the words to our record that had only been out for a few months. I've been a fan of bands growing up and I never thought I'd ever be the joker up there that kids would pay money to see." At the end of their summer tour, they shot the Fight Club-themed video for "Cute Without The 'E' (Cut From The Team)" In homage to a film the band loves, they stayed true to the story in all aspects except for one. When they are fighting in the basement, it is the girls of relationships past kicking the shit out of the band! The video is a great testament to their love for the movie and an accurate reflection of the lyrical content of the album as well. The next adventure was to be The Best Revenge Tour with Recover and Midtown. After four successful shows, an accident derailed their plans. While helping out with crowd enthusiasm levels, Adam accidentally fell from the stage during Midtown's set, gashing his face in two places and dislocating his hip. "You know you're in trouble when the doctors are shaking their heads saying 'eeee...that's a bad one' as they are knocking you out to put the hip back into place," he remembers. Taking Back Sunday had to pull off of the majority of the dates while Adam recovered, but made use of the time to work on some new songs. "We never ever seem to be off tour," claims John. "So even though it was horrible that this happened, it gave us time to actually write some new songs, which we rarely ever have time to do." If you observed a fan interacting with any of the five guys, it's plain to see that they are all cut from the same cloth. It's their earnest, yet masterfully subtle way of pointing out life's constant, seemingly avoidable struggles that cements these songs into the brain of any thoughtful music fan. "Adam and I write the lyrics mostly separately and fill in parts as we go," says John. "It's not uncommon that his parts of a song will relate to one instance and mine might be about something else - but somehow they still tell one story to a lot of our fans." Lyrics like the extra-loud-sing-a-long line from Cute Without The 'E' (Cut From The Team) "Why canÕt I feel anything from anyone other than you" are a prime example of how simple emotional thoughts, exquisitely described, permeate the debut. Unique vocalists intertwining clashing vocal lines, heavy driving guitar parts and energetic rhythms give the band a signature sound Š something a little harder to find in the current musical landscape. Listen to TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS and see for yourself what everyone is talking about.

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