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Brand New - Your Favorite Weapon

If you're into the east coast style of emo-punk with screams, you'll love the Long Island boys Brand New. I am guilty as charged. Jesse Lacey (lead vocals, guitar) yelps mostly about girls, but since he wrote the record between the ages of 15 and 19, the songs dont have the emotional depth of some other emo bands. But whatever they lack in lyrical depth, they make up for ten-fold in vocals. The dual vocals are so cool sometimes. Every once in a while, however, Lacey spins monster like in 'Seventy Times Seven.' The song was part of a past feud between Lacey and Taking Back Sunday guitarist John Nolan (See 'There's No I In Team' by TBS.), and the title is a biblical refence to how many times you should forgive someone. After a minute or two of standard Brand New style pop-punk, it all slows down to allow Lacey to sing somberly, "Is that what you call a getaway, tell me what you got away with, cause I've seen more spine in Jellyfish I've seen more guts in eleven yr. old kids." Overall the album is a must have for any fan emotionaly charged punk. Top Track - Seventy Times Seven