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Everybody give a nice round of applause for New Jersey rockers Thursday! After all, the band has managed to paste together a huge fanbase in just a few years. In 1999, Thursday made their Victory Records debut with their release of 'Full Collapse.' What happened during the next year or so would be enough to leave anyone's head spinning.

'Cross Out The Eyes.' The abrasive honesty and raw emotion the the melodic, but still hardcore screamfest was a huge hit not only on the underground scene but throughtout the major market media outlets such as MTV, and especially MTV2. The song was all over the place and Thursday netted impressive record sales. The band also threw out 'Understanding In A Car Crash' for radio consumption. And If listen closely to a lot of MTV programming you are likely to catch a snipet of other songs such as 'Paris In Flames' playing in the background as something 'extreme' happens to the Real World or Road Rules cast. In fact, 'Understanding In a Car Crash' was featured on the Road Rules soundtrack along with 'Jimmy Eat World,' 'The Used,' 'Dashboard Confessional,' and 'New Found Glory.' All the while Thursday was enojoying constant tours with their less fortunate emo brothers.

As the monster record labels came calling, Thursday fled to Island Records after the release of the 'Five Stories Falling EP' which included some live recordings and one unreleased track called 'Jet Black New Year.' The darker song, is considered many Thursday, and other hardcore fans, to be the top hardcore song of 2002.

In 2003, the band went into the studio to record their much anticipated upcoming release 'War All The Time.' Set for release on September 16th, the album promises to be special. As of the time this was written, two songs have been released, 'Signals Over The Air,' and 'For the Workforce, Drowning.' Judging by those two songs, Sept. 16th will be the start of an even bigger ride for thursday. - Brian